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Airport CEO is definitely the best Airport Sim.


*will be the best Airport Sim


Since this thread talks about games competing with Airport CEO, i will share my opinions about Airport Master and SimAirport.

For SimAirport, which i find better than Aiport Master, which you will see why below, the project seems to be handled quite seriously by the developers and it looks like it’s quite quickly improving. They recently fixed quite a lot of bugs in their game, even though i feel it’s a bit expensive for an Early Access game (roughly 22€). It’s the closest of those two games which is like Airport CEO.

For Airport Master well … the only thing i feel is better it that is less expensive (roughly 14€) but … anything else is worse. Of course, it looks like a management game, but more in the “micro” part of it. It’s about allocating airport services and facilities to flights, without signing contracts and building structures. That one has been really noisy recently for another reason : the developer tried to enforce a strict censorship about youtube reviews of the game, which led to the opposite because :slight_smile:

  • they threatened Jim Sterling because he posted a very negative review of their game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRJUO-wpLuU. For those who don’t know about him, he also spoke about Digital Homicide studios, which tried to sue people for millions of dollars because they posted negative reviews for their products … which Valve ultimately put off their shelves because of the company hostile behaviour. Digital Homicide went bankrupt after this.

  • Totalbiscuit publicly spoke about this matter here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D_Vyca69TE

I strongly advise not to purchase airport masters, since their staff still look to be more concerned about censoring the community than actually working on their game …

First Post - Admission of Guilt

Well i have a neutral opinion about Jim:

I agree that if you release a game, you have to face the critics. So taking down critic videos just proves that the studio isn’t confident about its future.

But i also feel Jim uses Greenlight as a money dispenser. He takes up those casual games and then insults them like hell.

So overall what should be changed?? Studios’ and Jim’s attitude. Studios’ should learn from their mistakes. And Jim should go a bit easy on them.:smiley:


@above I would agree with you. Except… There is LITERALLY NO GAME AND AN ILLEGAL EULA PLEASE WAKE UP rant over.


This is why I’m not going to get sim airport I feal like it would be a waste of money cause I feal like I would play it and just look and think of airport CEO and just get craving for airport CEO and eventually I will just be a massive craving like me and infinite flight global


I bought SimAir after i watched the part 1 video of ACEO i didn’t even check the name i just bought it automatically off steam thinking it was the game i watched on YT. When i started playing it i knew something was off so i went back to watch the video on Youtube again and then i learnt of ACEO i didn’t even know about SimAir but that was what i bought… :no_mouth: since everyone is mentioning the two i would like to say that i got bored of SimAir after putting hours into it to relief the itch from watching ACEO nearly on a daily basis after learning about it like a week ago and i feel blessed not knowing this before because the wait would of been hell. The detail on ACEO is just mind blowing from what i can see and it just looks like you can build an actual airport of your choice and customization. I felt my self going back to PA because SimAir is a watered down version of it (for now). If you really can hold it off till ACEO comes out i suggest you save your money. Another thing is i have a feeling of dishonesty of SimAir as if they are trying to make a quick buck before this game releases on Steam. I saw the patches and fixes for the game after release but it just feels like no effort is being put into it, i could be wrong but i just feel like they are. I hope both games do great by the way but can’t help to lean more towards ACEO.


I was randomly scrolling a bit through a video of NoSlack on YouTube (a frequent uploader of SimAirport gameplay videos) until I heard something interesting. So I actually discovered that he uploaded a video today in which he talks 2 minutes about AirportCEO. He actually says a lot of things that aren’t true like: ‘There are only 2 devlogs, we haven’t seen a single passenger, …’. He’s clearly not aware of/following the development progress… What do you think about it?


Well, we’re free to correct him in the comments :slight_smile: just keep it civil. Aceo fans should be known as hospitable, not raving lunatics. :wink:
i also know a few youtubers who have mentioned airport ceo in passing.

This will be a critical time for aceo. Release too early and - if you look worse than simairport - you’re dead in the water. Release too late and people have had enough airport management and move on.


I have gracefully applied a defense of Airport CEO to his comments section. I am now patiently awaiting the backlash!


His channel has less than 10K subscribers, why bother giving him attention. He is enjoying the limelight of being catered to by a game developer (SimAirport) as they are listening to his suggestions. Channels that do this for a living do not speak as he does without full knowledge. I wouldn’t even give him the comments/views.


I just so happened to have watched quite a few of his sim airport videos and I remember that in one of them that he would look into seeing if he could get a free copy of the game. We had a big discussion on the community discord server.


Some guy just commented while I was on, he sounds like a 5 year old although I appreciate his enthusiasm


I (Space Gamer) commented on his video and this is what he replied: He misspoke.

In my original comment i wrote that the game will be released in 2months. (I gave enough time for the Devs!!!)

My original Comment:

His reply:


well… it was effective anyways :slight_smile:
But throwing around accusations…meh… let’s not try to start a feud between aceo and simairport :slight_smile:



That accusation was not my idea… someone else also commented accusing him, i just used it.

Anyways, i got the reply.:grin: That was my aim. The best way to get a reply from a YouTuber is to accuse him.


lol, it’s also the best way to get the fans of the other game on your neck :smiley:


Should i remove that??

Edit: Ok i am removing that. I dont want cyber blackmails from SimAirport… or they may file a case. Who knows!!

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