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You rock :slight_smile: Don’t want to come across as overbearing, but i’ve seen enough flamewars to not want to see another started :smiley:


Probably best to avoid noslack. He is one of only Youtubers still playing Simairport due to the state of the game as it stands and seems immune to its flaws Having watched a number of his videos he claims to have special access to the devs so is always going to be biased.


Just had a chat with NoSlack on Discord and he’s a nice guy. He was alarmed by the negative comments on his video. I think he didn’t mean it that way. He has only seen the 2 videos and not the devlogs. He said that he might catch the devlogs up soon and read them all ;)…


Oops. Say sorry to him on behalf of me.:sweat_smile: But he really made us fired up.:fire:


I Played SimAirport for 5 Hours and in my Opinion it’s not deep enough. I earn a lot of money, the passengers are happy and i signed the best airlines - that’s it. No Challenge. I hope i can play ACEO longer! There’s no competition!


That game looks so horrendously bad


I need to give it another go. It has potential but the bugs made it unplayable at release.


Even SimAirport is an early access. Sometimes people tend to forget the state of the game (ie. EA) and expect it to be final build ready.

And ACEO will have the same fate. Despite being so detailed, there will be many negative comments after the ‘Pre- alpha release’. And more them half of them (sarcasm) will be that the game is too short and easy to play.

Early access, early funding, or paid-alpha is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the early stages of development and obtain access to the unfinished game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue work on the game.

Soo. SimAirport was bad. But now they have learnt and will most probably work towards improving the game.

But again, I think it’s a nature of people to expect perfection for things that they pay for… Even I am like that, and even I had criticized SimAirport at the time of release.


I can only imagine that they are losing players right now.
The only thing that is happening since launch is bug fixes and adding small things. (except the A320 but that’s not a game changer)
ACEO on the other hand is trying to deliver the EA with as less bugs as possible. So they can start improving immediately.
That’s a way better start.


You don’t have to imagine, and you’re also kind of incorrect.
They’re gaining players.

Data seems concurrent with a new release, roughly 30% of owners played within the last week which seems about right especially for a niche game like this


Stil I played it with release a coupe times. But after a couple hours it’s not interesting anymore. Ofcourse people still buy the game but it’s most likely to be a game that youre not going back to if they don’t add anything interesting. This is what happens with a lot of ea games.

Prison architect is a example of doing it good. They added some game depth every month.


I totally agree. Most of my play time in SA is letting it run for hours to have cash to expand as the economy is jacked. Nothing new, and it still runs poorly. It also has far inferior graphics to ACEO, and ACEO is superior in features, depth, and has the management layer. I would have requested a refund but due to letting the game run for hours to collect money, i cant.


I found this interesting. New game. 18th May… I guess


Dovetail… Didn’t they make the Trainz franchise?

Anyway, depending on the price, I may pick this up! Thanks for sharing.

Edit: Whoa, they made Microsoft Flight Sim…


They make Train Simulator, Fishing simulator and they bought the rights to the Flight Simulator franchise from Microsoft (They made the steam version and something else).


They bought the rights to put it on steam, Microsoft made the actual game.


they also made the dovetail flight school on the fsx engine


As the discussion has diverted a bit from the original topic, I renamed this so that all discussion about other aviation games can be held here! :slight_smile:


I break SA by making large airports for fun.


My bet is on X-plane 11 becoming the next standard flight simulator. The graphics are simply amazing!