Other Aviation Games


Hopefully FSW will be cheaper and just as good!


Ok, IAAATC 3 and 4 are amazing games, I suggest watching them on YouTube. It was created by the Japanese company Techno Brain. Most videos are in Japanese on 3, but a few are in English from a user created patch. 4. however, has English and Japanese in the game.

P.S. there over 100 dollars on eBay and all other places.


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What do you mean by “they’re over 100$ on ebay”?


The games are very expensive, over 100$


That doesn’t look like a game… It looks like training sim software…


It’s free in http://atc.3d-game.com/atc3cms/


I think that’s the wrong one


I know a lot of people here are aviation enthusiasts and may well be flight simmers, so I’m curious to hear what people say about the new sim. (And if people want to see it in action, go to Matt Davies on Twitch)


“The New Sim”? Which one? Is this P3D v4, Xplane 11 or something else?

My current opinions of p3dv4 is that it’s p3dv3 that can handle more mods at the same time that took them 8 years to develop :stuck_out_tongue:


He referring to this one I guess. Cause it’s the latest.


Yea P3D V4, I had it in the title of a thread but one of the devs moved it onto here so it wasnt obvious. #blamethedevs :smiley:


Where do you find p3d v4? Not too interested in fsx world as dovetail appears to be putting it together and I don’t like their pay for our excessive dlc due to our limited base game.

Although most games are that way or heading that way fast…


v4 is not released I guess. But not sure. I could only find upto v3 on PREPAR3D site.


It’s due out on the 30th.



If you like that kind of game, might be worth checking out Tower!3d Pro or TRACON 2012. Neither has all the features, Tower doesn’t really have much approach/departure other then keeping planes separated enough, and TRACON has no ground control + isn’t 3d (it’s just looking at a radar basically).

As a fan of ATC games though, have to check out IAAATC sometime. Seems a good mix of Airport Madness meets realism.


I have played all 4 airport madness games and I have tower 2011 on my wish list on steam.


This year seems to be a resurgence for airport games. Just found on Reddit another new game called Sky Haven on airport management and constructing. Still having more of my hopes on ACEO but this is worth having a look at.

Check it out!



They have the A380? That game looks good, I want to compare ACEO with Sky Haven. Of course, ACEO is better. :heart_eyes: :clap:


Looking at the details so far not too bad, Just a little skeptical on how much customisation they can do. Asked them on Twitter, They are trying to produce possible upcoming videos. Can follow up from there

Interesting to see more airport games coming back.

And yes, ACEO is still the fave