Other Aviation Games


Thanks bruh another damn airport game I’m looking forward to! Maybe it’ll release before ACEO? Jk haha!


Really? I didn’t see it in a topic. I found it by accident. :slight_smile: No worries then.

Edit: AH, there it is. Way up there in this topic. Ok I’m gonna stop posting stuff now. lol


Ooh, they have pushback trucks :stuck_out_tongue:


It doesn’t look that bad… it shouldn’t come out for a couple years so ACEO won’t lose any customers to that!


Ohkay… looks like Sky Haven will have some potential. It looks like Lego-ish but still seems cool.



Sky Haven does have some potential for sure, the models look nice in my opinion. I think ACEO will probably still win on the customisation front and level of detail for AvGeeks but I’m keen to see how Sky Haven develops. All said and done, it’s really nice that there’s so much competition for airport sims now given how many years of drought we all had to suffer through :stuck_out_tongue:


Sky Haven seems interesting, but I somehow still have the tingles that it will be a mobile game. Definitely something to keep an eye though.


It says PC on there website so hopefully not


This game looks very interesting but it’s hard to judge yet how well it will do and how it will manage those nice optics. If they keep it etc. But I keep my eye on it, too, eventho it won’t even EA release before Q3/18 for sure. :slight_smile:


If the gameplay is as good as the graphics then that looks like another one for the wishlist when i’m bored of this :stuck_out_tongue:


The graphics are going to be fine-tuned once more stuff is implemented. The big difference is that it is 3D and ACEO is not. ACEO looks better, but that is because we are 1-3 weeks from release and they are about 12-18 months from it.


1 to 3 weeks, sheesh hopefully less than that. Hopefully days !:slight_smile:


Not good for me! I’m off to London tomorrow for a week, but I will have a mobile, meaning if it is released, I will be able to see everyone having so much fun with it.

Talk about unbearable…

Hopefully, the 27th or 28th… we’ll see as it comes…


I suspect ACEO will release the last week in August, possibly even the 31’st at this point, after what I read about the contest on reddit lasting 1 more week. That was posted yesterday. So I think the earliest will be next Friday the 25th.

But what do I know, it could (here’s hoping) come out anytime before that.


They said it would have no bearing on release date. But we’ll see


AirPort Tycoon 3 . Even do is pretty old(2003) is really good.


Although the prize is the game, the mods there claim to have no knowledge of the release date, and a competition for a Reddit banner has nothing to do with the game itself. I wouldn’t read too much into it either way.

I would assume that if the winner has already bought the game a Steam credit could be an alternative prize if the game releases before then?

My thought - the internal release date will be in the next week or so. They are “confident” for August so that must include contingency time. Of course, if they utilise the contingency time, it could be any time until the 31st. So basically we do not know.


The Terminal 3
The game is quit in a early stage and I think it will be not a big project. But the images I seen are interesting. Here is the link to the game :smiley:

13729070_1071945632899188_4259261931194390355_n 13133171_1016517511775334_3447717024023923347_n


That definitely looks like a really poor mobile game to me… Maybe i’ll check back in a few months but it doesn’t tick any of the quality boxes on their facebook page


The terminal looks awful.