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Was looking at Sky haven devblog 2, and I saw they had implemented multiple (2) floors and bdue the jetbridges going to the planes looking strange, they decided to typically make it so most jetbridge types would go out of the second floor. Once multi-floor is implemented this would be a much better system for anything larger than a RJ. For more info on SH, and what they were doing, check this out

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I am approaching Sky Haven with caution because although I love the graphical style they haven’t elaborated on any gameplay. That and the fact that they haven’t implemented multiple floors, they’ve just based the game off the second floor for graphical reasons and the first floor is inaccessible.

However if ACEO falls short of the mark on any measure, this looks like a promising successor if we all go over there and influence development as much as we have here (And push it back to a 2019 release ofc).

Mark my words Olof and Fredrik, you’d better be up to my(our?) high standards :wink:


They want to get airlines and aircraft in, it is strange that they are using real airlines :slight_smile: So far they seem to be working more to get features in, clear the bugs and put the next few features in. I’m excited, but of course I’m still nervous that they have their priorities set correctly :wink:

Edit: I’m being careful too, but both games look promising!


Yeah, but you run their Discord so you’re a fairly biased source! :wink:


speechless- Ah, you found out! I’m excited for both games!


Before we start any sectionalism, let’s just remember that firstly, you don’t have to pick just one game, you can play both, and secondly, that Sky Haven is likely months from having a playable build, let alone a potential release. First and foremost, enjoy ACEO. Even with delays, it will be out long before SH.

As a bonus, SH is probably asking for a lawsuit for using real airlines. That’s the sort of thing the community should mod in.


Yeah I’m surprised they’ve decided to use real airlines, but maybe they have the resource? I don’t know, the models are very nice though for sure.

But @Bigbigcheese is right, they haven’t elaborated on gameplay yet, so I’ll be interested to see what depth they manage to achieve with it. It looks promising though, and I do love the graphical style too. It looks like it’d require a fairly decent computer to run it though.


But they only have one floor (the second).


I actually somehow never noticed! Just looked an saw yes, just the second floor. Oops :wink:Still, jetbridges are mostly based of second floor in real-life


It looks good!:grinning:


SimAirport is making huge strides lately. Excites me for what Olof and Fredrik are going to do, with their incredible attention to detail’


What kind of strides? Out of interest :slight_smile:


Crews are simulated now, fuel system complete with pipes and fuel stands, better audio, aircraft services.


I also played a version of Sim Airport build and left. Then I never played it. I feel Airport CEO is better


I never played SA, but ACEO obviously is far superior :wink:


Stop bickering about which one is better. It’s been since 2000 (Airport Inc) that we’ve waited for a descent airport tycoon game and now we have two + 1 coming soon. 90% of people who have this game have also bought that other game and will most likely buy the third game. And the other 10% who have one of the two games are most likely waiting for a sale to buy the other.

I wouldn’t have heard of Simairport or Sky Haven if it wasn’t for this forum, and I am sure this is true of people who bought SimAirport. They wouldn’t have heard of ACEO if it wasn’t for SimAirport’s Steam forum. Thus, although in direct competition, each game is actually indirectly advertising the other two games.


I just want to bump this topic up, mostly because I’ve started playing Airline Empires after a long hiatus, and noticed an airport ceo community alliance. Who all us on that game besides me?


I’m in the alliance. We have a server in the ACEO Discord (ask Ellipsis for the invite), the alliance leader is Asoka though (SkyLink).


If there are any fans of “I am Air Traffic Controller” serie by Japan Technobrain game company, new airport will be published in February 22, 2018. Haneda V2

Be sure to translate page to English.


here i am!!! :joy: