Pandemic stickers and sanitiser stations

Seeing as pandemics are in the game now, I think it would be good to release a small update which features placeable stickers (saying please social distance, 2m etc) and a hand sanitiser station.
Maybe even a temperature check point which can be placed at entrances (eg. pax will stop at a point, wait for 5 seconds then move on)
I appreciate the check point may be hard to implement but the stickers would be nice.

Cool idea but I think it is unlikly to be added as it is a very specific feature. A hand sanitizing station would be nice though! It could operate like a garbagge can! :thinking: :wink:

Hand sanitizer is generally just the bottle on top of the desk tho. I think it’s deriving too far from the macro-management aim of the game and would not add any interesting/relevant to airports passenger mechanic. Perhaps a more in-depth trash management for the game (recycling - emptying - janitor routines) could add more, but then again it has the risk of delving into micro-management too much.

I’d say sanitizing stations would add more fun and complexity, for example to open your airport during pandemic you need to fulfill requirements: Sanitizing stations and buying equipment for staff members, making staff amount cuts as demand drops etc…

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I have to agree, this is a bit micro compared to the game! :wink:

I meant these kind of machines and not bottles :))

Step too far I think for micromanagement. It would need a lot of background calculation for how and when passengers use it similar to toilets and litter bins are now. Fair idea though but in real world it varies so much too.

Dislike! Give yourself a separate Coronavirus update and update the game with it. Don’t force it on others. It is enough that the World Health Organization imposes this in real life, changing its own rules for defining a pandemic (earlier, by their standards, it was 5% of the total population, then they announced it as they wanted). Tomorrow they will come up with another “pandemic”, and there will be a smart guy who will offer to implement this in the game.

Wait until we might get object modding in some years and then we can change trash cans for that.

It isn’t forcing it on others, if pandemics weren’t a thing in game I would never have said this. To be honest not everyone uses the sanitiser IRL so it could just be a trash can re modelled.

“In some years”

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Not everyone uses the sanitiser IRL so it could just be a trash can re modelled.