Parking for airport service cars and ,,FOLLOW ME" cars


This is my second idea.

Link to first: More realistic handling of stands

Parking for service cars has been shown in the trailer and I think that it could be introduced to the game as a cheaper version of the car depot. And car depots could have a higher price.

And another thing about the trailer - the car “FOLLOW ME.” They were presented in the trailer and I count on their introduction.

Thank you CEO’s and fly safe!


I never noticed them before despite watching the videos quite a few times. I’d love to see some clutter like the top pic. Even if it’s non-functioning will add a lot of visual appeal and would represent what I’ve seen at pretty much every airport I’ve been too and looked at on maps.


I think the same, so I added that topic!
@Rubble thank for comment and fly safe!


With stand-assigned vehicles and improved rendering of APU and GPU (which we’re currently working on, i.e not having them pop-up when medium aircraft arrive but instead being dragged over there), I think the stands will look a lot more lively.

We will of course be able to sprinkle some other details on the stand but it’s always something we need to consider from a rendering performance perspective.


@Olof But that parkings are another structure. Not part of stand! And what about ,FOLLOW ME" cars (Taxi cars).


Nice to have “FOLLOW ME” service vehicles



and some ULD’s scattered in the tarmac for Cargo Carriers like Air Bridge, CargoLux, Lufthansa Cargo, DHL, UPS and FedEx


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Yeah, you’re right. :grinning:


a very good idea.


Nice topic.