Passenger can't board on airside shuttle


Hi all,

I experienced an issue while boarding passengers via remote stand.
Everyone got onboard the shuttle except one passenger, causing also a notification and flight delay (the shuttle isn’t leaving the stop near the terminal).
Below the screenshot of the situation.

Anyone can help?


It looks like the person in question is trying to leave the airport and not enter it. Is there any accessible secure area exit for that part of the terminal?


Yes but he is trying to leave boarding the shuttle, he is not a deboarding passenger.
Of course there are secure exits, this was a single occurence over day of operational efficiency.
To unlock that situation I quickly built 2 doors instead of 1 (in the picture)


Well according to the description text on that incident it does not to seem to be that case?


I know, probably the description itself is not correct.
I did not make another screenshot, but I crosschecked the boarding status: only 1 person was missing and that person was the one in the screenshot (checked name and boarding pass).
(just to be more clear, passengers to be boarded 100, passengers in shuttle 99, person waiting was the missing one)

Hope it helps

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