Passenger Cars Refusing to Enter


Title says it, passenger cars are refusing to enter the airport and park. Unknown why, regular service vehicles have no issue, yes it is a public road

Is your airport open? If it isn’t than cars don’t enter. Make sure it is open because you may have accidentally closed your airport. :wink:

the airport is open.

I think that it’s caused by path finding issues from the car stops and carpark: by placing crosswalks in that position, passengers can’t cross the road when they get off the cars. They have to originate from the sidewalk-side of those car stops, i.e. passengers cannot walk on that narrow edge above and below each car stop, and they also do not walk across the the road opening to the carpark. So I think if you were to drag a sidewalk from the grey tiles on the left (the sidewalk part of the car stop), up and across to the terminal, then build a door, then passengers can enter from there:

I’d also consider moving the top two car stops up a little bit, to maybe be in line with the top of the carpark, and then the use the space between the two sets of carstops to drag out a sidewalk, which should allow passengers to cross the road if you place a crosswalk there.

I’ve always dragged a sidewalk on at least one end of the carparks. My passengers will leave their cars, and then make their way to that sidewalk to join the ‘normal’ paths. So maybe try that? If you drag the sidewalk up over the top edge of the carpark like the diagram, maybe it will work?

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I’ll try those tonight, thanks