Passenger problem [solved]

I am running into a recurring problem with passengers stuck at aircraft stand while deboarding. I have attached the screenshot where the passenger is stuck, and a wider one where it clearly shows that I have plenty of security exits for passengers to choose from. I have removed all the doors from all the entrances to the aircraft stands to prevent any further problems. This is the first time I have run in to this issue, and it is rather frustrating.

Can you give us a screenshot with the security zone layout?
Maybe at this point the security zone is missing.

When this happened to me, I had to drag the secure zone and/or international zone over the the exit tile and then a few hundred people were able to leave the tile.

Here is the screenshot of my secure zone. I zoomed all the way out to show the whole area.

Remove the security zone at the front of the stands (just the 4 blocks between terminal and stand) and then rezone them.
I have the same problem long time ago and could fix it with this way.

I realized that somehow I zoned a secured area way outside of the terminal. It was only a few blocks wide so I removed them, and it seemed to have fixed the problem I was having.


That’s great! :slight_smile:

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