Passenger transport


Recently I had an idea (sorry for the bad English I’m French). My check-in desks are too far away from the stands and the plane always take-off with one hour late because a passenger does not arrive on time at the gate so I thought you (the devs) could add a kind of treadmill (this traduction is from Google Trad. Sorry if it’s wrong) for the passenger. Thank you in advance for reading my comment.


Hi, welcome to the forums!
This is a good idea, and has been discussed quite a few times actually!

Salut, bienvenue sur les forums!
C’est une bonne idée, et a été discuté plusieurs fois en fait!

I believe they were implemented at one point, and the model exists, but have not been implemented in the current versions.
Je crois qu’ils ont été mis en œuvre à un moment donné et que le modèle existe, mais qu’ils n’ont pas été mis en œuvre dans les versions actuelles.