Passengers arrive quite early for Check-In then storm the desks


Just curious how you all feel about the timings for departing passengers arriving to check in.

Might it be a bit too early? It seems that they are arriving in terminal 1-2 game hours before it opens.

Each to there own but I would like seeing them arrive only a small few in the hour leading up to opening and the majority then flood in for the opening time and a queue builds rather than a mad rush of 100+ keen passengers storming the desks.

Just a thought, interested if this is under review or not. Mindful that it is of course game hours, my thoughts are more about how early they appear ahead of the desks opening rather than the game clock times.

Does reducing the number of available seats impact this? Though it is difficult if your arrivals baggage reclaim is in same space with its seats also as they just go straight there to sit down.


do you give them shops/dining and restrooms for them to do? how about benches near the stops? you can also put the security exit after baggage too if you want to prevent them from sitting in baggage claim. just some thoughts.

thanks, good points there.

I already keep arrivals baggage reclaim in secure area for that reason, just interested how other players feel about passengers turning up as a full group ahead of desks opening.

Will explore putting seats outside and less inside but that often causes them to all walk into terminal hover around lost and then walk back out to a seat then all sprint back in. A tweak to delay them turning up would be great but that is just my personal preference, even 1 game hour later. But i know its complicated.

I’m glad real world passengers aren’t that prompt I would likely be out of a job haha (work in airline head office ground ops team)

I think changing check in desks to allow passengers to check in at any desk assigned to the airline would help alleviate this. The passengers could check in once they arrive instead of waiting for it to open. This is assuming the check in desks are always open, I suppose being able to set the time when they are open would be useful for the airport that does not have flights around the clock or nearly so.

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I suggested something along those lines in the feature voting area you might find interesting :slight_smile:

This is actually a blessing! Monetize those weary travellers! I put up a large food shop with lots of seating near check-in and it made its minimum in a couple days.


Totally agree, but maybe a more gradual turning up at airport would be a nice tweak

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