Passengers boarding were late the departure time. And about Runway


The plane was delayed time and mark that the plane had left. People stand on place. I cannot to do , how can passengers leave the plane in airport?
And about Runway, I cannot find Right or Left for arrival or takeoff. I need to choose Right or Left Runway for arrivals, or take-off. Not only simply choose runway for arrival, or take-off


People on stand bug is fixed on experimental version. Devs will publish it soon or later.

About runway I don’t understand what is the problem. You can arrange any runway for only arrivals or departure.


I wanted to choose Runway arrival operation, but he has no R or L, why any runway


If you mean 09L, 09R, 27L, 27R marks; they are not implemented yet. So parallel runways have same runway numbers (9, 27) at the moment until devs make the necessary improvements.


I have a runway of 38L and 18R. I do not want where the plane arrives 38L, I could not fix just 18R, what should I do?


Ohh I now understand. Unfortunalety it depends on in-game weather, more spesifically in-game wind direction so player cannot decide which direction aircraft use on runway.


Thank you