Passengers checked-in but not going through security


I got this weird issue which I’m wondering if anyone has seen before. It seems like 1-10 passengers on each flight get to the airport, check-in, don’t go through security, and just go home. It is not game-breaking and doesn’t seem to be affecting airline satisfaction.

Screenshot: it’s 13:10, everyone is checked in, boarding opens only at 15:59, still I find these two fellas going home without passing through security! 20201228184407_1|690x388

The airline has/wants a certain turnaround time. If your pax cannot get through security quick enough and does not get to the boarding desk, A. you may want to see what is slowing down those passengers as each pax makes you more money and B. the airline will automatically make the flight leave which will cause the passengers to just turn around and leave.

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Thanks for your answer, but that is not really the case, it seems like a bug after all. It looks like passengers get to the airport, the flight monitor shows them as checked in, but some time later they just leave the airport without ever going to the security checkpoints. When you click on them, they don’t have a boarding pass, as if they had not checked in at all… Unless I am mistaken, they should at least have the boarding pass and try to go through security instead of leaving straight away…