Passengers class

There should be different classes of people. For example business class.This will mean that some passengers can board the plane first at an extra cost


Interesting…Perhaps the class will also affect the passengers attitude, like a snobby first class passenger expecting 5-star gourmet cuisine at a small concession stand! :grinning:

Funny you brought this up, it was implemented this week. There’s two types of person classes, low and high, which can be applied to either passengers or employees. This means that they will based on this be able to appear different and behave different, but also arrive in different transportation vehicles. High class people will more often arrive in taxis (or limousines?) and normal citizens will more often arrive via bus or metro.

The vehicles are yet to be implemented, but the system is in place.

Edit: Of course, priority rooms like business and lounges will only cater to high class passengers.


In prison architect, although the prisoners are originally given a “rating” - low, medium, high, death row. However their behaviour may be more or less severe than their ranking entails, as in they may have behaved or acted whilst they were evaluated hence given an incorrect assesment.

I hope the same principles can be assigned to the low and high class people. The low class entitled idiot walks around as if he owns the place then gets irritated when he doesn’t get let into the high class areas because he likes to think he’s important, and the high class businessman just wants to sit in the terminal watching planes and eating Toblerones (You’d better implement goddamn Toblerones!).

Although most people will be normal, and fit into their class, you’ll get the odd few who are nicer or nastier than the rest. (Might get some super up-tight high class person, who’s more persnickety than the rest of them too, or some super poor guys on their first holiday who just sit there and can’t afford the duty free(And then their flight is cancelled because you decided to renovate the terminal at that exact moment(Anything in the name of progress eh?(They get a free Toblerone, don’t worry)))).

I think you Devs have figured out most of the stuff we want hahaha. Btw let’s say selecting a random passenger…how would you know if it’s a business/first/coach pssenger?

I noticed a blank page in the pre alpha trailer on the upper part of the passport. What if that page is the ticket of the plane they are flying on plus we use a Colour system on the tickets. Plain white for coach, silver for business and gold/a range of Colour for first.

Maybe you can consider that :slight_smile: anyways good job, can’t wait for updates!