Passengers exiting terminal oddly

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A quick question. I’ve got the exit to my terminal zoned as secure for a couple of reasons. One is to stop the arriving passengers take a seat in the baggage collection area (which they were doing before I zoned it) and two, it makes it more realistic. Hopefully you can see that from the image attached.

However, as a result none of the leaving passengers now want to exit using the security exit door to get to the ground level bus/taxi ranks. Instead they’re exiting via the elevator in the secure zone (see screenshot 2), going downstairs to either the underground bus stops or back around into the arrivals section (via another elevator (see screenshot 3) to then exit the terminal on ground level. Anyone see or understand the reason why they’re doing it?

Both of my secure exits go to the outside and have no zoning on the exit side of them, which the screenshots show…

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Have you tried to save the game and reload it. If not try it I think it will be solved

Have you tried making a gap between the security exit and the door?

Seems to be better after a reload. Thanks for the help everyone

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