Passengers only choose the closest security passport check [solved]

The picture speaks for itself

Bug reported ingame.

(Didn’t know there was a report system)

Can you show the zone overlay (z key)?
What number of passport checks does the number in the infobox of the international zone say? I would say, there is only 1 valid. Otherwise passengers would split up.

4 exits checks.

I had the same issue for the 2 entry checks before it eventually gets right at the second flight.

If I turn the 1st desk off, the passengers won’t go to the following desks and stay there.

May draw the zone again over the checks and then reload the game.

But yes, this seems to be a case for the devs.

The 4 desks now work. I just needed to wait some flights again. I changed nothing.

Now my airport breathes.

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