Passengers prefer elevator over the escalators

I’m not sure if this is a bug or I did someting wrong, but this doesn’t affect my gameplay.

I built a parking lot at level -1 and -2 with the subway station on level -2. There are the escalators in all floors connected with the path to the terminal. I finished the hallway with escalators first and everything look just fine, following with the hallway with elevator a hundred meters further away from the subway. Once the elevator is completed, most of the passengers took the elevator down to the level -2, then walked back to the subway.

Employees, people who parked their cars, and anyone in level -1 already have a shortest path and sometimes prefer the elevator, but most of the people who were coming from a subway station that is placed just right next to the escalator walked a 100 meters further away just to take the elevator and go straight to the ground, then walked another hundred meters to enter the terminal. :rofl:

So I made the path a little bit longer , this is how they walk. :rofl: ( Longer than that will make them prefer escalators again. )

With elevator removed from the ground floor.

The system can in certain instances be biased towards certain transition objects, however I agree that this looks very strange. Any insight on this particular case @Fredrik?

I am experiencing this too!

Hi, can you report save and give me the number?

I got this error when I submit the report. So I uploaded my save to steam workshop.

This is a replication of this bug because I didn’t realize that all of my saves will be uploaded to the cloud. :rofl: But the idea is exactly the same.

Here is my original airport. But less people flow here.