Passengers stuck at stands, stair trucks not attending stand

Hey fellow airport CEOs!

I seem to have an in solvable problem at my airport. I have had this game for quite some time, and I have had a problem for a long time with passengers is getting stocked at the stand and now stair trucks is no longer attending the stands when a plane arrives (I know it is possible to assign stair trucks to the stand). My question is, if any of you have a solution to this problem?

I have submitted quite a lot of bug reports, but no fix has been issued to this problem yet. At least it’s not solved in my game. I have tried to switch between experimental and non-exp… This does not fix the problem either.

If the developers should read this, my latest bug report is: ACEO-37331

I hope anybody can help me because I’m desperate to get this problem solved. It has been here for over a month now and I would really like to continue my current save, but I have not been able to due to this problem…

Many thanks in advance! And stay safe :slight_smile:


Do you use terminal zones and vehicle to terminal assignments?

Otherwise please share us some screenshots of your stands, the service vehicle parking lots and also one with active zone overlay (Z key).

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I have a few reports on this type of issue and will be working on it this week!

I use terminal zones, but no vehicles is assigned to a specific terminal. I have though in order to fix the problem tried to assigned them to terminal, this though didn’t solve the problem either even though there is plenty stair trucks available.

Sounds fantastic! I’m looking forward to play the game again! :smiley:

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Hi Olof

You fix managed to solve the problem at one stand. However, there is still passengers stocked at one of the stands. I have submitted another bug report (ACEO37449).

Thanks, we’re looking at it now and it’ll be fixed in beta 3.3-3.