Passport Control / Customs [implemented]

Update from Apoapsis Studios

This feature request has now been implemented!

While this feature is now completed, future improvements and functionality may still be added over time.

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Feature request title:

Passport Control


Like in real life when a plane comes from another country the passengers will go through a special walkway that leads them to Customs. The boarder agent will scan their passport to have record they entered the country. This would add realism and would be great when they add multi floors. We could have a new zone called the international zone which is where the passengers walk through. Also we could put remote stand bus stops at a ground level entrance for the passengers coming from the remote stands.

Why it should be implemented:

It would add a fun new challenge to the game and would make it more realistic.


This is the case for most airports, but in the UK flights from Ireland or the Republic of Ireland do not have to go through passport controll.

So it would be cool to have a seperate way for domestic flights.

This feature is already suggested.

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Hello, This feature has already been requested.
It is duplicate. :blush:

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How you can call this a duplicate? First of all i did not mention anything about immigration and you didnt mention anything about passport control.
Second i already created a thread about this last year.

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Maybe not a duplicate, but passport control and immigration/customs go hand in hand. If we combine the thread there is a bigger chance (80 plus 30 votes) of adding it to the game :slight_smile:

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I would like to see this as follows.

You build a booth which is the same size as small security post which requires one security person and then you create a queue for incoming passengers to join. You can have lots of little booths. If someone is stopped (same as contraband bags) that person is take to a secure room where they are little interview rooms/office and there is small chance that they are let in. If they are rejected they have to reboard a plane.

It this stage I don’t think we need to worry about shengan areas or free travel zones and these can be added later.

Also I do think people need to be taken away just stopped and either let in/ interviewed and let in / or put back on a plane.

I agree that there a few voting topics on here and that may be due to linguistic differences between what people call immigration checks and passport control due to their own countries way of working/terminology.

Either way how this gets implemented as need more ways to interact with people coming into the airport.


Yes you are right. There are different situations on every airport. On my opinion passport controls should be added first as basic and other systems like immigration can be added later.

I think while there are all sorts of different situations, for all intents and purposes, passport control is generally most synonymous with immigration.

From a pragmatic position, I’m not sure how it would work if its implementation wasn’t to also include immigration etc.

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Yes immigration system is needed with the passport control. If you look at the current bagage control system, the passengers bagage is getting destroyed if they have a forbidden object(weapon,drugs) in the luggage but the passenger wont get arrested or anything.

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Actually, passport control is generally synonymous with customs, not immigration.
Immigration is just immigration.

For simplicity, all travelers go through customs, but not all travelers go through immigration. Immigration is the formality that travelers go through to receive landing papers, permits, and other documentation that legalizes their stay. I believe most nations separate this formality from primary customs inspection because it is time-consuming and would be an operational nightmare otherwise. That means for ACEO, immigration is not really that necessary. Similarly for secondary inspection.


I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you there but immigration is a totally necessary step that you would need to implement if you want to make the distinction between international and domestic travel. I don’t travel through Europe at all so I get that it would be different there, but Asia, America, Australasia there’s no such thing as no immigration if your airport is serving as a first point of entry to international travellers and citizens returning home.

Also I definitely don’t think that passport control is synonymous with customs either. For a lot of countries you enter (again as an international traveller), customs always comes after you’ve cleared immigration, so you don’t actually need a passport for many of those processes (granted some of them you do).

So in my opinion immigration is totally necessary if you want to be able to have international and domestic terminals/flights etc. As I said, I have no real concept of how Europe works with Schengen and non-Schengen areas etc. but I think it’s pretty clear cut for everywhere else.

Passport control is the same as immigration as it is the control of third country nationals you allow into your country and can be different due to their nationality and your country law. This is not affected by schengen areas as you just have to consider other schengen countries as “domestic”

Customs is the control of goods and currency that enters a country and relates to taxation and security and usually occurs in the same part of the airport as passport control but it is not the same.

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Upon returning; there will be a passport check, then bagage will be picked up. Hereafter there is customs to check if you import stuff to the country. Would be lovely to get these zones going. However, I’d love to see this implemented with multi story and officerooms and more stuff.

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According to some sneak-a-peak from @Jettuh we know that passport controls will be implemented so this feature request can also marked as selected. :slight_smile:

I think there is another topic indicated already as “selected for implementation”. Maybe this one should be closed ?