Pause after save game is loaded

I believe adding a feature to have game paused after the game is loaded instead of having it go normal speed would be a good addition. Also, it would be great if last set speed would be preserved.

This could be as an option in settings to toggle on/off.

This is a pretty standard option in these (tycoon / manager) games afaik.

Added the gamespeed preserve part.


I’d rather see gamespeed saved and loaded with the savegame to be honest.


Hmm, not sure about that, although i see both as viable options. It would be cool if gamespeed is preserved but paused :slight_smile: I.e. Gamespeed 3, Paused.

I personally often find myself clueless as to what i was doing last time i played / saved, needing to check the condition of the airport 1st when loading the game, thus this feature request. Especially when loading a day or two old save.

For knowing what i was doing, i think it’s simpler to also save viewing position, zoom level and multifloor level.

I think an option to switch it on/off would be great.

If off, game should load with last set gamespeed…

@sirhc80 Yeah, I updated the original post. :+1:


How about pausing with the P key too?


Because of long loading time, I once again was missing loading moment and so I’ve missed some ingame-events I wanted to look at…
So I had to reload again, another 20mins waiting for game to load…

Please, dear devs, could you think about that idea…? Perhaps it is not that much effort to code…? :pleading_face:

@Gryphon01: little late, but hotkey for “pause” already is space key…

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