Pax pathfinding idea


The pax are not very smart in the fact that if you have two separate terminal areas connected to one check in desk. Some of the pax will go through the wrong security. They will sit down over there and when the time comes they leave the security zone get back in line and miss their flight. This means planes are delayed just causing problems.


This sounds more like pathfinding bug instead of lack of intelligence of pax. Make sure to check if there is no secure area coverage in between terminals.


Do not forget to check under walls.


I’m not sure that the PAX actually think more than one step ahead or, if they do, it is bugged. I’ve done a few tests that I submitted through the bug report which have the PAX not exactly understanding long term planning. For instance I had PAX sitting on a seat that was closest to the boarding desk but the wall, which sounds good until you see that I put a long wall around it. The code said “sit here because it is closest physically” not “sit here because it has the shortest route”. Had the same where PAX were going to security for terminals that I had separated with a staff zone. They had no way once they got through security to get to the boarding desk but they don’t seem to plan that far ahead.

Contrast this with SimAirport’s PAX behaivor. Oh, and I’m not here to argue the merits of either game or anything. I just want to use it as an example of how pathfinding works within a similar style of game. The PAX in that game can navigate through isolated security zones by flight class (first class and coach) to separated terminals with no fuss. As long as everything is connected correctly they go where they need to go. That makes me wonder if there is a fundemental difference in how the pathfinding works. I think the AI in SimAirport goes from the gate backwards (so it knows where it needs to go and plots the path that way) while I feel the AI in AirportCEO just looks for the next step in the list (if it needs to go to security then it goes to the closest security station). Both ways can work, but the way ACEO may be using needs to be refined to take into account weird scenarios.

It is also possible that the OP’s issue is an unrelated issue with how stands calculate valid security stations. If the stands don’t take into account that there isn’t a valid PAX connection between the boarding desk and the security station then that would be an issue as well. Either way there is an issue with using isolated terminals that should be looked at.


In general, ACEO doesn’t support multiple terminals yet. If you separate secure zones you are able to create something that looks like a separated terminal or wing(s).


THIS very much. I did three separate terminals. They did care which one they checked in at. They did a LOT of walking some of those PAX.