People and bus not moving



i have people getting out of a plane and stucked before the entrance of the terminal, while bus is not moving

I really dont understand what i did wrong … :frowning:


They are searching the “secure exit”. Make sure you placed one with accessibility.


I double checked and i am totally lost…
My secure zone is not broken and i have 3 secure exit. I put another pic. I tried to reload but nothing changes
but bus has moved


I see that the crowd was moved out of bus stop but there are passengers on road. Try this; Mark road as secure, save game and reload it. It should be fine. If not; file a bug report.


thank you this solved but got 2 new problems

Arriving passengers stay at the metro station and inside bathroom

Passengers dont board for remote stands…

sorry the new remote stand got me in trouble i guess


No idea, everything looks fine. File a bug report so developers can take a look :slight_smile:


with only one boarding desk per bus stop i assume you get a bus stop per stand, so the bus waiting in line probable is for deboarding. Because that doesn’t arrive the boarding doesn’t start i assume, had similar issue and got rid of it by dismissing the flight…
If busses can block eachother that way maybe we should suggest the devs to allow 2 bus stop conenctions per stand, one for boarding and one for deboarding.


It would even be more cool to allow deboarding on a non gate related location. :smiley:


thank you very much… i will file a bug report