Pita International Airport (Community Input Requested)


Yesterday, on March 5th, my beloved cat Pita was hit by a car, and bled to death. She has given me joy for so long, and has helped me go through a rough time in my live. Now, I want to make an airport in rememberance of her. The ACEO community is the greatest I have ever seen, and so I ask for your help. Below is a sketch for some general layouts, and I want your help to decide which would be the best. I really want to make the best airport I’ve ever made for her.

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  • C
  • D

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Thank you for reading this. If you don’t want to vote, then that’s okay. If you do decide to vote, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I’m so sorry to hear this…

C looks the best, in my opinion. It just seems more organised and symmetrical - good luck building it!

I wish you all the best.


Im so sorry for your loss. I hope you have a fast recovery.


Really sorry to hear about your loss. :cry: All are great designs, wish you the best with your new airport!


Really great designs!

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I’ll close the vote tonight at 18:00 CET. I already want to thank everyone who voted, and thank you all for your kind words!


Progress Report:
The airport is beginning to take shape. The first buildings have been laid down, and a massive fuel-depot has been constructed. Below are some screenshots, the first of which being the design of the subway-stations.

I will be posting more pictures as the airport progresses.


Love it. So sorry about your loss :frowning:


This is a beautiful tribute to your lost friend, looks like its coming along very well! :heart:


I have created option C before and it didn’t go as well as I hoped. The top portion of the airport gets very congested as aircraft land on one runway and want to go to a gate on the other side of the airport, or another aircraft leaves a gate on one side of the airport and wants to depart on the runway that is on the other side. This results in very long delays as every aircraft waits for another even if there are multiple taxiways at the northern part of the airport.

Although these terminal designs are very efficient for passenger routing, aircraft routing is very congested and causes major delays


Sorry to hear about your loss. The tribute looks like it’s coming along really well, and I’m particularly impressed that you managed the curve.

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I just looked at the overview-picture again, and it kinda looks like it’s next to water, with a small dock to the left. This has possibilities… I suppose I could make this an ocean-side airport?


Looks like its coming along really nicely! I’d like to include it in tonight’s devlog if possible… :sunglasses:


Ofcourse! It’d be an honour! I can send the savefile, though I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it lately. It’s kinda bare-bones at the moment.


Another update!

The front-side of the terminal is just about finished, only lacking foliage which I will add at the very end (to increase performance during construction). I extended the parking-lot, and adding some more interior works. I’m making it so that arriving passengers never mix with departing passengers inside the secure zone.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of you for your support once more! It just shows how amazing this community is!


Update: I regret to inform that 3 days ago, Pita’s sister Tosti has been confirmed to have died from being hit by a car, like her sister. We hadn’t seen her come back for 2 days, way longer than normal, and eventually our neighbour found her by the side of the road. She looked relaxed though, so she likely never saw or heard it coming, which I find comforting.

The airport is still being made, but exams were a larger concern recently.


I’m very sorry about your two losses. You really need to go on vacation. Remember that their in cat heaven now which probably a very nice place.


a very nice parking structure.


Suddenly losing two of your friends is the worst that can happen! :cry: your airport looks BEAUTIFUL.

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such Coenogo airport looks beautoiful.