Plane bugged out and passengers are still there


So this started when I saw that the passengers all lost at the boarding desk. I checked the flight schedule and saw that there was a medium plane that was added because I did not change the settings for which planes I wanted. So I removed the plane and thought the passengers would leave(which they did not)

So I looked around to see if anything else had the issue. So what I found out was that everything thought that the plane was there expect the boarding desk and the boarding desk staff. So after a couple of hours, I saw blinking at the bottom left of the map and saw the plane in the ground. That was the plane they were waiting for. Please let me know if you need anything else.


Check the Queue count on your runway.

It seems the plane cant land.

Do you have 1 way blocks that are prohibiting it to land?


Nothing is blocking it. The flight is cancelled because I did not finish setting up the medium stand.


What if you AUTO REFUSE all delayed flights in the Flight Menu settings menu?


Just tried that and it did not work.