Plane path issues

Hello. I have reported this bug multiple times but I dont think its been address (l checked trello). There is an issue with the plane paths. I have multiple planes stuck on stands and the wont move unless I reset the aircraft paths. I have reloaded the game and even made a new game but I have the same issue.

bug ACEO-24059 please help

Could you please share a daylight image of the taxiways? Have seen multiple examples of people that have a ton of one-way taxi way signs that can cause all kinds of issues.

Hope this is what you needed

Thanks for the screenshots, as it looks you have build single taxiways and with a bigger airport like yours a lot of planes are passing the stands coming in and going out. In the example where the small plane passes all the middle sized planes in that case all these planes have to wait for being pushed back till that plane is clear of way. So it will definitely help if you create a third or middle taxiway with the stands, so the ATC can divide the incoming and outgoing traffic. Also besides the runways it will help if you have a second taxiway. I see you have some room at some points, but you will need some creativity to solve it for the whole airport. Something to keep into account for your next build, study some airport layouts to get a better picture.

Here is an example of Atlanta Hartsfield:

Or London Heathrow:

I still think the plane paths need an overhaul. I have airports with multiple taxi ways but planes have to wait minutes to get out of their stand. But thanks fornthe recommendations