[Planned to be Implemented on Beta] Upgrades for entry road

After finding a bug that I created a thread for, and not seeing a suggestion for this.

Have a procurement option to increase the size of the entry road. Since roads are not one-way, certain vehicles can go around a line of trucks/ cars in the current build. This causes traffic jams that crash the game.


An example of what I am talking about. 4 lane wide road for entry will help alleviate the traffic concerns. Increasing the width of the entry road can potentially mitigate this issue allowing vehicles that aren’t waiting or stuck to still come into the airport.

Potential other applications is adding a second entry point at a different location and creating 2 entrances/ exits.
Allowing for traffic to pass by the airport.
external businesses, if implemented could benefit from non airport related traffic. But things would need to be optimized a lot better for this to occur.


Great idea, I’d love to have this for regular roads too!


Roads are definitely on the list.

@Olof mentioned it in the past as well, the current system is as basic as it gets, causing multiple issues for a good working traffic simulation.
In the future the road system should get an overhaul so I’m sure we can get Olof or Fredrik to add wider roads too!


Wider roads, 1 way roads, overpassrs underpasses and so on will eventually be added.


Are we also looking at round corners for taxiway tiles? I have seen that the new runway entry/exit points feature such round corners and for me it makes a huge difference and improves the overall look-and-feel of the game by a lot.

Like this idea!
I’d like to see a separate entry road, just for supply vehicles, too. As there will probavly be more than just fuel supply, in the future.
And I think it would be more realistic, too…

What I’ve been missing since i first played, is one-tile-crosswalks. I hope it’s on your list as well.

An upgrade to include light rail will also be awesome!! :wink:

Like the idea, also nice how you already created an in-game procurement card :+1::smiley:

As @Jettuh says it is part of the devs roadmap to change the roads in the future, but maybe you can add it to the feature voting so the community have the option to choose if they want it sooner. :wink:

Any ideas if this idea is still in the pipe line?

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I agree with this idea, but it would be a R&D Project, not procured.

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The system changed since then… Remember?

The system changed since then… Remember?

Unfortunalety since Day 1 of AirportCEO, outside world access road have been 2-lane road. There are no development on this feature and I personally think that it is not that necessary. For big airports, subway can be used any time.

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I would like to see this, but it also needs an improved traffic flow to support it

There was a misunderstanding, I was talking about Alpha 34, which split the procurement tab into Vehicle purchase and R&D.

Yeah, if you need high capacity a subway station (or two) do it, but it still needs improvement (it doesn’t take space up underground, has unlimited capacity, and so on)

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I disagree @EG0611, designing the aesthetics to the entrance to the airport, I believe is just important. Even more so with multi Terminal update. The option to improve or move the location of the road into the game area will assist this massively.

There really does need to be an option to build at the minimum another road to the outside world. Example: When you get a large airport to manage traffic flow one way roads are a must. So you have an entry point then for example the exit an opposite side. Also I would be highly beneficial to be able to have control over the placement of your first road to the outside world at the beginning of the game. Only having a single two way road to the world is a significant choke point.

Placement of the road has already been confirmed by Olof during Beta.

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Correct. Feature title is edited :slight_smile:

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There is already a topic on that, and I think it would be nice to put all the votes on that in same topic.

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