Please, explain international flights layout as you would to a 5yo

Hello everybody.

I have Realistic international stands off. I have just built my very first large runway with large stands. The layout for departures and arrival is driving me crazy. I don’t know how many different alternatives I’ve tried.

First I tried two different international zones, one for departures (with only passport check entries) and one for arrivals (with only passport check exits); this didn’t work, passengers couldn’t find their way.

Then I tried one large international zone, with passport check entries in the departure area and exits in the arrival area; this didn’t work, passengers couldn’t find their way.

Then I tried two separate international zones, both with passport check entries and exits, and boarding desks outside the international zone in the departure area, right after the passport check exit; this didn’t work either, I couldn’t “connect an international stand to a board desk outside an international area”.

My last try has been two separate international zones, both with passport check entries and exits, and boarding desks inside the international zone in the departure area; of course, this didn’t work either, passengers got stuck right after entering the international zone and before the boarding desks.

Of course, I always build international zones in secure zones (the game would have not allowed me to do otherwise anyway).

Please, how in the world does this thing work?

-Can/should/must I build one international zone for both arrives and departures? Can/should/must I build two different international zones?

-Can an international zone have only passport check entries or only exits? Must they have always both entries and exits?

-Boarding desks, where exactly do they need to be built? Between passport check entry and exit, before passport check entry or after passport check exit?

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at this (ignore the pathfinding stuff, as I was diagnosing a potential problem):

Zone your secure area, then put the International Zone on top. The International zone markings only need to be one line at the edge of the departures Passport gates, and all but one line on the arrivals gates.

The Gates will be set up as you would a Domestic gate - boarding desks, etc by the jetway door and linked to the stand.

I found the first time the PAX try to get into the International Zone, they can’t find their way - do a save/reload and they should get kicked into getting to the Passport Control.

If you want more detailed images then shout and I’ll put get some screenshots and post them.

I’m not using jetways, but stair trucks (which according to their description you can use instead of the former), and I’m afraid this is the issue, or at least makes things more complicated. With this layout, either passengers leave international zone before they get on the shuttle bus, or there would need to be passport checks right next to the plane… I don’t even know whether this is possible (although like I said, the game says it is).

Does somebody know if it’s possible to actually use stair trucks with large planes? This is the layout I’m interested in; if I have to use jetways I might as well start another game, since I’d have to demolish half my airport (and in this case I think it should be noted in game that you MUST use jetways).

I can’t see it in your picture, where are board desks? Inside or outside the international zone? Before, in between or after the passport checks?

Thanks for your reply!

The boarding desks are in the white-floored area with the Gate number on it, next to the end of the Jetway - ie in the International Zone, well after the PAX have gone through passport control. This is a close up of Gate 17, in the top right of the previous screenshot.

It’s set up as Check-in > Security > Passport Control > Departure Gate.

With medium aircraft on a large terminal like this, I only use Level 0 walk-on access outside International Zone with the smaller planes with their own steps. All other planes are scheduled for a stand with Level 1 access via a Jetway. It looks like you are trying to use Level 0 boarding in an International Zone, which is something I’ve never done - someone else should be able to answer whether a) It’s possible, and b) how…

Edit: International Zoning is only allowed within the exterior walls of the Terminal building - I had to individually zone the Jetway door (ie under the area with the arrows on it) on each gate before the PAX would recognise the Gate for departure. Perhaps you would need to do this on your Level 0 doors.

I’ve been testing a bit on sandbox and then on a previous save I happened to have. At first I thought I came to some conclusions that might be helpful:

-Like you said, passport entry must be exactly first square outside the international zone, and exit must be exactly last square outside international zone, or at least in my brief testing they wouldn’t work otherwise. The problem is the game doesn’t provide you this info, not that I’ve seen anyway. It says “passport check must share zones”, or something along those lines. It allows you to build it in a wrong position, unlike most other objects.

-Passengers seem to rush to passport check as soon as they enter the airport, so if I place a small international zone in the departure area, they will enter that area as soon as they can, and stay there until boarding starts. My point is that you need to international-zone a large area of your terminal (most of it actually), if shops, benches or bathrooms are outside it, they simply won’t use it because they’ll stand waiting between the first passport check and the second.

These two “discoveries” seemed to be enough to fix my games, but as I changed the layout weird things began to happen: passengers literally flying from a passport check to a shuttle bus or to the middle of nowhere, ignoring doors, passport checks and even boarding desks), passengers getting stuck right after security check, board checks getting international-zoned even if I deleted it manually, trying to place them after passport check exits (in my test on sandbox, board desks seemed to work well when placed outside international zone, after the passport exit)… And all of this happens even if I save and restart the game after EVERY change on zoning or the layout of desks and checks; if I don’t do it every single time, the game just goes completely bananas.

I’ve been several hours building, removing, posting, changing, saving, reloading, testing, replying, searching the web, restarting, building, removing, testing… over and over and over again and the flying passengers are just too much. My game is obviously buggy so I’ll leave it at least until the latest beta is implemented. Right now, as if it wasn’t confusing enough by itself, I can’t be sure what’s working as intended and what’s just glitching.

Thanks for your help.

You only need one official Passport Control, after the Security, leading into the International Zone. PAX will go through Security, and then use the facilities in the Domestic Zone and then go through Passport Control to get to their Departure Gate, or go immediately through Passport Control and use the facilities in the International Zone, or in some instances both.

Hey, thanks again for your reply.

Yesterday I gave it another try. The issue was that there was not uninterrupted international zone all the way to the stands, going through the shuttle bus stops. So passengers need to be able to walk without leaving international zone from passport check entry, to boarding desk, to shuttle stop (and then the bus needs to be able to drive to the stand without leaving int zone); and from the only arrival shuttle bus stop to the passport check exit.

P.S.: and answering my own previous question, arriving passengers only need a passport check exit; leaving passengers only need a passport check entry.