POLL: Help pick the next aircraft in Airport CEO!


It is time again for another “next aircraft in Airport CEO” poll! :smiley: :airplane:

This time there will be two polls. One exclusively for the next general aviation (GA) and one for the next commercial aircraft.

The poll will close Tuesday 5th of December (23:59 CET)

General Aviation

  • Piper J3 Cub
  • Maule M-7
  • Diamond DA42
  • Piper Cherokee
  • Beechcraft Baron G58

0 voters

Piper J3 Cub

Maule M-7

Diamond DA42

Piper Cherokee

Beechcraft Baron G58


  • Saab 2000
  • Fokker 70
  • Dash 8 Q400
  • Embraer 170
  • Boeing 757

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Saab 2000

Fokker 70

Dash 8 Q400

Embraer 170

Boeing 757

Happy voting! :airplane:


Baron and/or Diamond for GA and Saab, Fokker Q400 and/or Embraer. Game is not ready for 757 and other 3 GA aircraft would look same from top view.

^ That’s my own idea ^




I want them all!!!
But seriously, it’s another great set of choices which will be a very hard pick.


So excited new airlines now talking about new airliners that is what I need


Hard choices need to be made here. I needed to make a choice between B757 and Fokker 70. I choose the Fokker 70 because it has been retired here in The Netherlands and i really want to see the Fokker 70 ingame. Will be soo nice to have them all ingame.


B757 is large and I think we need a few large planes.


Forrest Air has just ordered a new fleet of 757s and a couple of DA42s to train all their new pilots. :grin: Happy voting everyone.


Voted Beechcraft Baron G58 and Fokker 70! :sunglasses: :netherlands:


Very good choice :wink:


Agree. It opens up genuine opportunities for longer trips without going all the way up to wide body aircraft.


Since Maple is based in the region that the Q400 is built they would be overjoyed to begin flying it. Zoom prides itself on getting you there quicker with more point to point flights, it prefers the newer, quieter, and more fuel efficient E-Jet family from Embraer.


I would have voted saab 2000, but it was such a hard choice between that and the 757


A hard choice… :slight_smile:
I voted for the Beechcraft and the Fokker, since they both are easily recognisable.
I think the 757 would be good, but we already have three twin engine under wing aircraft: the 737-6, -8, and the A320…
But they are all good choices. May the best plane win! :grinning:


Can’t wait for these new aircraft! But when will the new airlines be installed into the game?


Is this a sign that the community wants us to go bigger? :wink:


Definitely not until game becomes ready for it :slight_smile:


maybe implement more than one of each???


You have me intrigued and I’ve been doing a little bit of research. I didn’t realise that the 757-200 isn’t that much bigger than the 737-800 :slightly_smiling_face: The 757-200 model only holds an extra 20-30 passengers compared to the 737-800… Maybe we could expand to the 757-300 and force our passengers through 1 small security checkpoint :smiling_imp: :grin: :smiling_imp: