POLL: Help pick the next aircraft in Airport CEO!


It’s a complex thing, even with real life ATC. based on MTOW the 752 is a medium, but in terms of wake separation it’s a heavy. Since we’re dealing with ground ops, (i.e. gates, etc) I’d wager that it will be a medium, but as @EG0611 noted, it’s probably going to be the largest medium in the game in the 753 guise.


We need a medium stand without a jet bridge, for planes like the Q400, ATR’s, Saab, etc…


I’d love to see more small commercial planes to be honest, like the B1900 and the Brasilia (which by MTOW are actually mediums) or even the Super King Air, Cessna 404 and the BN Islander


@Fredrik if the 757 wins what model will be in-game? -200 or -300?


i think we need a medium stand with out a jet way that can be loaded with stairs


We need a medium stand without a jet bridge, for planes like the Q400, ATR’s, Saab, etc…

i think we need a medium stand with out a jet way that can be loaded with stairs

Devs said it will be implemented. Some rumors say that talented modeller @Jettuh has already made Cobus and Ladder truck models.


Well, have a look at these lists! :slight_smile:

I completely agree, maybe a new type of stand…
And after looking up sizes between small and medium (https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/163605/what-would-you-call-size-that-fits-between-small-and-medium) maybe the devs can get some…inspiring…names… :grinning:

Hmmm…I might start a new thread about this, if there are currently none, as this is getting a bit off-topic… :slight_smile:

Stand Sizes, Classification and Upgrades

Yeah, sorry about the off topicness :upside_down_face:


I did


It’s a phenomenally engineered aircraft that fills a very niche role. A role that aircraft manufacturers today are scrambling to fill. A role that is also the next logical step for ACEO. The range it offers is second to none for a mainstream narrow body aircraft, and as such introducing a 757 opens up more of the world to your fledgling airport without the need to expand to wide body aircraft. The size of the plane and capacity are perfect next steps for ACEO.

I do hope all the planes get introduced at some point. Mixed thoughts about the Fokker though. I love them. They’re the first planes I ever flew on, so they’ll always hold a place in my heart, and I’m really going to miss them. But that’s the point - they’re almost all gone. Better to look to the future with the e-Jets, at least as far as the game’s concerned.


So little love for the cub… :frowning: However will my General Aviation airport in Alaska survive without the rugged, classic Bushplane?


I for one think that all the aircraft here have a future in ACEO… :slight_smile:

Maybe since there are so many new airlines coming, the devs may implement two or three…nah, that’s just wishful thinking! :grinning:

And the number of people who have voted is ridiculous - I could only fit the top three on my screen! :slight_smile:


Why not the new aircraft Bombardier CS-100 or CS-300
Bombardier CS-300


Would love to see the CS300 in game also ::slight_smile:


Could the E170/E190 and other aircraft polled come up later in the game? Will they have priority over other aircraft development after the winner is implemented?


@Fredrik, When are you guys starting on importing the Heavy Planes.
Im looking forward to it.


Congratulations to the winners :slight_smile:


Congratulations! :airplane:

Winner of the next general aviation poll with 56% of the votes is: Beechcraft Baron G58

Winner of the next commercial aircraft poll with 47% of the votes is: Boeing 757

The aircraft will be created during the coming weeks and soon be landing at your airports. :slight_smile:

Thanks for a another fun poll! :airplane:


I mean, of course the 757 won…the rest are regional airliners lol

Just a suggestion, for the next poll maybe there could be different commercial categories, like commuter, regional/short-haul, medium-haul, and long-haul (once heavy infrastructure is implemented).

An advantage of this would be that you guys could keep the aircraft list proportional with the categories as the list expands, that way we dont end up with something like only 5 regional jets compared to 23 different medium-haul airliners.


with respect, in Europe you get the majority of regional traffic dominated by A320s, E170s/90s and 737s. I mean, the traffic in Stanstead (one of if not the busiest low cost airports being the largest hub for Ryanair and an operating base for EasyJet and many others) is dominated by small twin airlines of the above and not much else. Its the same with Gatwick airport.
But yes, smaller aircraft would be really nice to see