POLL: Help pick the next aircraft in Airport CEO!


hopefully with 757 added we will see some new equipment and vehicles


As a big Airbus fan I wouldn’t mind seeing a A318 A319 landing at my airport ! Also the trusty Cessna Grand caravan…


Cessna 208 is in already


Maybe it’s time to implement the belt loader by then.


Well… If you insist… :grinning:


Could we put the Beech King Air 200 in the mix next time?


And hopefully service steps, catering trucks and toilet trucks :stuck_out_tongue:


My bad…Then make that a Quest Kodiak. Same but different…lol


I want a Piper PA-24-250 in other words, a Piper Comanche 250 :frowning: And a MD11 :frowning:


I think that the 757 is a good choice for gameplay a few reasons. Its close to the size of the 738 while having a significantly longer range. It also has a shorter take off roll that the 738 so you don’t need to worry about extending the runway. It would also be a good excuse to use the new bigger fuel truck.

That said, i would be worried about performance, i get more than 2 737’s on the ground at the same time and mu frame rate takes a hit.


It’s B757 or Dash 8 for me (CA)
For GA I think that the J-3 or Maule would be nice to see around.
Very fine aircraft.



Donald trumps private B757? Medium stands with GA option? :thinking:


when comes the next aircraft pool I hope with larger planes such as the a380 or the 787, the a350, or as the smaller aircraft the a318​:grinning::grin:


One day I hope for the Dash 8 - it’s my favourite aircraft, and I’m glad I get to fly on one regularly with Flybe :slight_smile:


I thought they called it the Crash 8 for a reason? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:


Well, mainly because of a landing gear that is prone to failure :smiley:

It always adds to the fun, will this flight be the one where a main wheel strut collapses due to lateral stresses (Especially at Leeds Bradford where the crosswinds are epic…)!


Eugh the last time was quite an interesting one for me… into Innsbruck in an Austrian Q400 with some rather “lovely” mountain weather… that was fun :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I think if this poll were to run again, I know I would choose two very different aircraft now that MDK is available than what I did originally without it… Anyone else?