POLL: Help pick the next aircraft in Airport CEO!


Fokker 100 or 70 PLEASE ! :smiley: if you add it ill be so happy and i think alot other people like it c:


Time for the next vote? :wink:


Time for the next vote? :wink:

A319 just added in couple of days ago, I am sure there is still a long time for a brand new airplane :slight_smile:


Well, it is nearly a year since the last real vote, so why not asking for one :wink:


We’re currently looking into getting some external consultancy help for implementing new aircraft. It’s still only the two of us (gah) developing the game and adding more aircraft is an easy task while designing them and implementing them are more difficult. We’re currently looking into what options we have for outsourcing this and depending on if we can find a match more aircraft types would be easy to roll out.

Modded Airplanes

Did you try to test this community’s potential? I bet if this community gets a chance, they can create what you needed, maybe even way more :sunglasses:

I am not good in paint or photoshopbut i can try to help on datas, info, etc, as much as i can.


Same here. Happy to provide support in fact checking, data incorporation, etc.
And I have seen some great screenshots of aircraft graphics being created by forum members.


Maybe a A330 should be great for the game


Bigger planes will come later to the game.


I prefer to see a small airplane rather than wide body airplane. Game already has bunch of models of medium stand scale airplanes and one more of them (Q400) will come soon however game only has 4 airplanes for small stand and only 2 of them are commercial airplanes (DHC6 and Cessna Caravan)

I want to see one of these airplanes to be added to the game: (last number is passenger capacity)

Cessna Cessna 152 Light Utility No 3
Cessna Cessna 172P Light Utility No 3
Cessna Cessna 182 Skylane CESSNA182 Light Utility No 3
Aero Commander Commander 500S Light Utility No 4
Aero Commander Commander 690C Light Utility No 4
Beechcraft Beech 36 Bonanza Regional No 5
Beechcraft Beech Baron 58 BARON58 Regional No 5
Cessna Cessna 180 Light Utility No 5
Cessna Cessna 206 Skywagon Light Utility No 5
Helio Helio Courier Light Utility No 5
Piper PA-34 Seneca Light Utility No 5
de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver Light Utility No 6
Piper PA-32R Saratoga Light Utility No 6
GippsAero GA8 Airvan Regional No 7
Piaggio P.180 Avanti Business No 7
Piper PA-28-181 Archer Light Utility No 7
Piper PA-31 Navajo Light Utility No 7
British Aerospace Bae 125 Business No 8
Cessna Cessna 207 Regional No 8
Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander Regional No 9
Cessna Cessna 208 Caravan CESSNA208 Light Utility No 9
Cessna Cessna 402 Light Utility No 9
Cessna Cessna 441 Light Utility No 9
Cessna Cessna Citation Excel Business No 9
de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter Light Utility No 9
Pilatus PC-12 Light Utility No 9
Quest Quest Kodiak Light Utility No 9
Beechcraft Beech King Air 250 Regional No 10
Beechcraft Beech Super King Air Regional No 10
Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain Light Utility No 10
Pilatus PC-6 Porter Light Utility No 10
Cessna Cessna Citation Sovereign Business No 12
Beechcraft Beech King air Regional No 13
Bombardier Challenger 605 Regional No 14
Bombardier Challenger 850 Regional No 14
Bombardier Challenger 870 Regional No 14
Beechcraft Beech 99 Airliner Regional No 15
Dornier Do 228 Regional No 15
Antonov AN-24 Light Utility No 18
Antonov AN-28 Light Utility No 18
Beechcraft Beech 1900C Regional No 19
Beechcraft Beech 1900D Regional No 19
de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter DHC6 Light Utility No 19
Dornier Do 228 NG Regional No 19
British Aerospace Jetstream 31 Regional No 19
British Aerospace Jetstream 32 Regional No 19
LET L-410 Regional No 19
LET L-410 UVP Regional No 19
Fairchild Swearingen Metro Regional No 19
Fairchild Swearingen Metro 23 Regional No 19
Fairchild Swearingen Metro II Regional No 19
Fairchild Swearingen Metro III Regional No 19

Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IK6ZChh9Pfl2assjsM7yY_LX3F07kEyeCTTrWK1mOgY/edit?ts=5a82f5c7#gid=436792186


they need to add new varients of 737 and A320


I totaly agree.


Same. Its very Boring to have only 2 types of small commercial aircrafts


I suggest we add helicopters instead.



@EG0611 great list.

I am absolutely in favour of the following of your list:

  1. PC-12
  2. Beech 1900D
  3. Antonov An-24
  4. Do-228
  5. Jetstream 41 (missing above)
  6. Metro III

Number 5 and 6 are almost completely out-of-business, but these would bring some nice exotic touch to ACEO. The An-24, however, is not an aircraft for a small stand. It is at least the size of a ATR42.

This brings me to the point again that we the devs should reconsider the aircrafts allowed on small stands. In my games I would prefer to have up to ATR42 / An-24 size aircraft on small stands. That would also make it easier to get passengers into your early-game airports.


Atr seems big for small stand. Also it wont fit to stand anh hit other planes when park diagonal and turning


Do they fit onto the small stand? If no, there’s a reason to use the medium ones.

Anyway, better would be to have required runway lengh based on real, but scaled runway length for each aircraft individually. (do we already?) … if a medium sized aircraft is able to land/start from under 800 ingame-meters, just skip this requirement. Then only prevent aircrafts to land which need more lengh than your airport provides.

Else starting area could be increased to fit an 800m runway too … at least if balancing isn’t the reason for the size of the starting area.


That’s the reason why the devs have to look into the differentation again. Right now we have Small Stands, which should actually be GA stands. For me a small stand should at least accomodate everything up to a CRj 1000, Embraer 190, etc.! These are regional aircraft. Medium stands are for everything up to a 757-200 size.

But anyway, I really like your idea to have a unique runway length requirement per aircraft. If an aircraft can land on a 600 m runway, it should be able to land and park on a medium stand. I agree with you on that one.


I’m not familiar with official classifications for stand sizes … but so far I’m fine with the small ones, even if or even because they are sized for small GA flights only. Just think of small airfields which exist too and don’t need bigger stands.

If the next step to medium is to large, a new stand size between both could be introduced.
Not sure though if the difference is that big so it is really needed for gameplay reasons?


I think. The small gate should be renamed “GA Gate” and the medium gate renamed the “Small Gate”.

Or in the future have dynamic gate sizes. So you put down a “Gate Foundation” and then select a certain area for each gate. And the each plane has a minimum requirement based on wing span and length.

That way we are not fixed on having X amount of gate types. We have unlimited.