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You don’t even need a gate foundation, as there are already concrete and asphalt tiles ingame.

I’m just afraid, such dynamically created zones are quite a challenge for the art director and/or the game engine, especially as any asset is based on 3d objects. Quite heavy changes which need lots of efforts and cause many possible bugs I think.


Or in the future have dynamic gate sizes. So you put down a “Gate Foundation” and then select a certain area for each gate. And the each plane has a minimum requirement based on wing span and length.

I want it :heart_eyes:


One of the best ideas so far in this forum!!! 100 LIKES :slight_smile:


I will describe this in 3 words. BEST IDEA EVERRR


The devs had said previously that each gate has fixed nodes for vehicles to park on. This might prevent dynamic gate creation.


That is true but i do believe that if they were to give us the power of placing the “parking nodes” in a designated space for a dynamic gate then i think we would have ourselves a new way of truly customizing our airport designs. The only real issue i could see with dynamic gates would be the service vehicle path finding.


Also this works great for us in the community that understand how airports work but as baggage systems (no one I have personally had problems) have caused issues the more we rely on people understanding of how airports work and less on plopped assets the more issues (bug reports) we get.


I don’t think so. When you select the area for the gate it will create a service road. Just like the ones on the gate we have now. Just longer or shorter. It will also place lines and 2 flood lights.

It would probably be easier to implement on remote stands because of the jettie modeling.


This should not really be a factor. Otherwise we should reduce the gameplay to a bare minimum and call it “Lego”.


I think dismissing this out of hand is a little trite.

The game must be accessible and tutorials can only go so far without creating cookie cutter examples because they do not give the player player suffcient understanding a process and only been able to copy tutorial examples.

Also increased bug reporting due to lack of understanding rather than broken systems have resulted in changes to gameplay already.

While the improtance of prior knowledge of working airport process should allow some to build better airports it should not be necessary to play.