POLL: Help pick the next light (non-GA) aircraft in Airport CEO!


Gotta love the King Air


I guess part of the problem is that we don’t have a stand that is an optimal size for the 20-50 seat aircraft (like the EMB-120, ERJ135/145, Saab 340, Dash 8-100/200). The small stands will be too small for them and the medium stands are unnecessarily big for them. So we’re stuck in the <20 seat category for the small stands, where there are lots of different aircraft options but few operators having large fleets of them.


I guess that says it all.

As much as I personally prefer games that try to be as realistic as possible, I guess there is always a trade-off between realism and fun. And especially on the aircraft side I would love to have a wide range of different aircraft types so to avoid the very boring situation we experience today at real-life airports.

From a simple design aspect, I would love to see the MD-80 (or to be more modern: Boeing 717) series in the game. These kind of aircraft would add a very distinct shape, especially from the top-down point of view.


I agree, but when I get those thoughts I do have to remind myself that those two specific aircraft are almost concentrated in one country: U.S.A. And I know that is just a fraction of the representation of players on here. What may be “standard” in your country is not standard in everyone else’s, and actually may be the opposite. So, for the medium craft, I would assume its safe to go with very common aircraft that we have not seen hit the graveyards en masse yet (A320 family, 737s, 757s - yes old, but not viable replacement yet).


You guys know what is the answer: Fully customizable stands by players. Everything; stand size, direction, hetway location/floor, any road from any direction will be set by player. Like how taxiways are.


Going with the 1900D as it provides the most PAX for the small stand. I’d like to see something a bit bigger in there if it fits, like one of my very favourite planes, the Do 328.

Also, I’m flying in a 1900D this coming Tuesday. :slight_smile:


Have a pleasent flight! :wink:

I also would love to see the Do 328. Not only origins the company from my hometown, i also like the dual design with turbofans and jet engines.


Boutique Air operates the Beach Super King Air. Great Lakes is no longer operating. Tayfolia Air operating in Samoa uses the Aero Commander 680.


Also, why not the pilatus PC-12?


Voted for the Beech 1900D. A type that should have been in the game from the start IMHO.


here you find all produced Beech1900D https://www.airfleets.net/listing/beh-1.htm
(you see there also if they are still active , or not , and witch airline still fly it :slight_smile:
I think that plane should be in the game :slight_smile:


Only a few more hours to go now! :smiley: :airplane:


Winner winner chicken dinner :small_airplane:

Beechcraft 1900 took the vote. Thanks everyone for voting :slight_smile: More polls to be announced Soon™

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