POLL: Help pick the next two wildcard aircraft in Airport CEO!


Let the best 2 wins. (I hope A330-200 and PC12 :smiley: )


Fokker100 and MD11!!! woohooo


MD-11 and A340 :heart_eyes:


Fokker 100 and saab!


Happy voting everyone. Will be interesting to see the outcome at the end for sure. I like the closed style.




Ooooooo I want to see that MD11 and F100 for sure!
Just make all of them @Olof :joy::joy: keep @Rubble busy for a few days :grin:


MD11 and PC12


Come on guys… MD11 is not in production anymore and it is not available for passenger services. The era is for new airplanes :sunglasses:

Maybe in future, 80s airplanes DLC will be released :smiley:


@EG0611 it was either the MD11 or 777/787 … but those last two weren’t on there lol


787 will be out next


Or will it?


It could be quite possible that if a small or a medium plane wins this, it could be in game sooner than the 787, since it requires a large stand.


Correct, also don’t forget the Beachcraft that won the previous poll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Le me, a MD-11 fan: Triggered
Anyway, MD-11 is more recognizeable than those generic twin-jet cough A330 cough , and i think more iconic (actually the MD’s were 90s aircraft i think).

And no, please no DLC.


So not so much work for you :smiley:


Voted for the same :grin:


I really wanted to vote for Do328, MD-11, A340 or A220. But I guess maybe next time I will have a chance. Yes, there are some planes on this that are nearly retired like: MD-11, MD-80 and EMB 110, some quite new like: A220, MC-21 (which is not even in commercial service) and some very rare planes, like: Saab 340/2000, F100, Do328 or V-Twin. I am really interested what the community will choose.


Anyone else unable to vote?

Mine does nothing when I click vote.


Have you tried a different browser?