POLL: Help pick the next two wildcard aircraft in Airport CEO!


yep and to no avail.


The poll seems so random that I’ve got the impression they already got them all already (at least nearly) done and in a few weeks there will be a mega airplane update :wink:


Haha, I’d wish. They were selected to be a broad cross spectrum of planes that had a lot of community belonging for.


I have a question, will you in far future try to implement them all when the game will be bigger? Or will you implement only some, the voted ones?
Or maybe will you sometimes set the voted till you will add all of these proposed?


ONLY 2 VOTES??? :scream: This is sooooooooo gruel. Maybe even sadistic. :sob:

So hard to decide… :grin:

Well, i wouldnt think of it as an 80s DLC. What if you place your airport in Africa, or Iran? There are still some old planes in use.


Well it makes sense to choose the MD11 as it’s on the medium stands :blush:


It’s large gate plane :upside_down_face:

same as A330, A340.

Fokker F100, Saab 340, Saab 2000, MD80,D328 (Dornier 328), MC-21-300 is medium gate planes as far as I am aware.


The MD-11 is for sure going to win as it’s probably the most iconic plane on this list.


Well, seeing the comments here, the Fokker is more remarkable


Very interesting comments indeed. Keep the votes coming…


Seems like we’re getting a lot polls. @Rubble will have a lot of work for next months…


I think that the MD11 will be a nice expansion into the wide body side of things, as well as introduce some more diversity into the fleet


I got the little fokker in sight xD


Triholers for president :slight_smile:


I voted but it didn’t acknowledge I voted… i hope it counted my vote


I’m Dutch, so i had to vote for the Fokker 100.

The bonus vote went to the Do328.


Fokker F70 I see?


It’s Mitchell, what do you expect… :wink:


I am still experiencing the ability of where I am unable to vote 8s there and if as it does not work on the app or on different browsers.


Did anyone say Fokker70?