POLL: Help pick the next two wildcard aircraft in Airport CEO!


I don’t know why, but the length of F70 feels weird to me. F100 is perfect :ok_hand:


Did I just saw a Fokker 70 from SWIFTLY!??


Ah, just needs little code :wink:


will there be multiple versions of the 340 or just one generic type of it


Generic, A340-600 I think.


Ahahaha I know where this is from. And it is already in game :wink:


Fokker go! :slight_smile: So far so good.


For me the Pilatos PC-12 is the most beautiful single-engine airplane in the world. It would be interesting to have the A340 which is 4 engines in the game, it would be really cool !!!


Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?

Hell, I don’t know! What a boring question, anyways.
Just came here because sandbox mode didn’t seem to work [SOLVED] and saw this Aircraft Poll. What a great feature to let us vote on content. I really appreciate it. :crazy_face:


I voted for my favourite small aircraft (Do328) & my favourite aircraft that I’ve yet to fly on (A220). I really hope they can cram the Do328 into a small gate. That would be a great way to use that plane.


I really hope they can cram the Do328 into a small gate.

Do32 looks too big for small stand if you compare its size with Cessnas and DHC


They nearly have the same span, but the DO is about 6 meter longer. so i dont think it will fit.

But yeah, would be great.


COME ON A330-200! You are on the screen of the game menu since first day of AirportCEO so you cannot lose to these rivals like dead one with 3 engines and dying one with 4 engines :smiley:



Anyway… Fokker 100 and MD-11! GO!


Woop, almost 400 votes! :open_mouth:

Three days to go… and not even us developers can see the results. Will be very interesting! :smiley:


I’ve still to vote too :slight_smile:


But everyone knows, everyone Olof, everyone!

Fokker 100

i guess number 3 isnt really important :slight_smile:


Don’t speak too soon Jettuh. Results may be altered :wink:

GO A330-200!!!


This will definitely happen!


I hope also that the A330 will win , because that plane is used by many many airlines
The MD11 is also cool , but not much used anymore :wink: