POLL: Help pick the next two wildcard aircraft in Airport CEO!


As if you can choose, you just want them all.


Hahaha, true.


I think I think A330-200 would be better for anyone who works with mods is the A220 do not waste time seeing one of my mods using the 787 and A330


Airbus A340 it’s very nice aircraft


I’ll just be happy if a small weight aircraft gets chosen.


The 1900d from the last poll is close to completion. You can take a look on the dev blog to see her.


I think the more big aircrafts the faster we can get them. I chose some good ones!


Last 1 hour ladies and gentlement. In 1 hour we will see the results!


Hey, when you will update modders MDK for new airplanes, I guess not this one yet but upcoming ones :slight_smile:


Oh, are you the workshop modder?


RIP Fokker didn’t win :sleepy: :sob::sob:


Well, I guess there are going to be some new Airbuses.


That will come maybe in mid summer, I don’t understand F100 would’ve been a lot better

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The vote has closed! With near 500 votes, the prevailing winners are the Airbus A330-200 and the A340. Big birds are in fashion… who would’ve thought!?

Looks like @Rubble has his future set! :airplane:


Now that it is relevent, which A340 variant is it going to be? -200, -300, -500 or even -600?


I cannot remember of hand as I’m currently away. I did look into this though. Once I’ve got the laptop working I’ll edit this post with which one.

EDIT: I thought I had the relevant data on my laptop but seems it’s on my desktop 400 miles away, but looking at the research I have with me, I’m quite confident it would have been the 300.


If it’s Boeing I’m not going, I guess. Anyway, -600 and -500 are quite long, the -600 is in fact longer than both 747 and A380, so I guess the -300 would suit our needs the best, since the -200 variant is nearly gone.


Wow, what an interesting set of results this poll was. We had two clear winners, roughly sharing equal votes. I must say I didn’t see it going this way with all the love for the Fokker out there.

A BIG thank you to everybody that voted and I’m sure there will be more votes in the future if I know Olof :wink:

I guess I have a little more work to do :slight_smile:


Winner winner, chicken dinner. :small_airplane: :airplane: