POLL: What will be the next aircraft type in Airport CEO?


Yup, forum bug, has been fixed now but since you can’t make a hidden poll public due to integrity this will have to do for now. However, if you press “Show results” they do rearrange top to bottom according to most votes. BAe is in the lead.


Is the BAe still in the lead?


Yes, it’s still in the lead


Really love all of them but my vote goes to the Bombardier. Really love flying it and would really love to have it in this game :canada::airplane:


The votes are in and the scores are as follows…

  • :sparkles: Third place… at 29 votes (16,5 %): Fokker 70

  • :dizzy: Second place… at 68 votes (38,6 %): Bombardier Dash 8 (Q400)

  • :trophy: First place: 79 votes (44,9 %): BAe 146-200 (Avro RJ85)

Democracy rules! Soon we will create a new thread where we again step by step will showcase the process of implementing a new aircraft… the BAe!