Pre Board Passengers


Most airlines and airports have passengers that get to board the aircraft early, these are usually people with disabilities, unaccompanied minors and people who have high frequent flier status.

I was wondering if something like this could be implemented in the game at some point? (I know its not a priority) You would have to make sure that you could get those passengers to the aircraft well before the boarding time, this could also delay some boarding if they are late with the pre boards. Sometimes if they aren’t at the gate at the right time they have to wait until all the other passengers have boarded the flight.

Post your opinions and additions below!


Thanks for your suggestions. I can’t really give you a clear answer at this point, as I don’t see this as a high priority feature right now. It is an interesting idea and it is not to say that we might consider it for the future, but at this point it is not on our priority list. :slight_smile:


Ok, I was just asking to see if there were plans for something like this, thanks for the reply


I think it is up to the airline how to fill the plane and it doesn’t really effect the airport. Maybe the turnaround takes a little longer and some airlines need more space at the gate. For example I think United uses a four line system pre boarders, back rows, middle, front.


You forgot military personal in uniform or parents with a child who’s sitting on their lap (0-2)