Previous bought land has to be bought again

I bought all of the land that this game gives and already built on it, for some reason I logged back in to my airport and there are 2 spots of land that I need to buy again… With the stuff already built on it. Whats happening??

That is something that was mentioned more than once in the Release notes and associated post. To get the money back, you’ll have to edit the .json file for your airport. Take a backup first…

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If you bought the land in Beta two, there’s an issues when upgrading to Beta 3 which has just been released. Alas, you will to repurchase. Not good I know, but one of the technical issues that needed to be done required to enable larger maps. Not the best I agree, but larger maps I would make the sacrifice too.

You could, cough, edit the JSON file, cough, maybe to re-unlock them. Not sure that still works though?