Priority Construction

Priority Construction

Add ability to select a blueprint awaiting construction and add it to a ‘priority build’ job list, requiring construction workers to build that blueprint before others.

Construction workers at the moment work on blueprints in order they have been laid down.

Common scenario - long taxiway/large terminal dragged out and under construction, when notifications start piling in because something important is missing. At the moment the best choice is to cancel all construction in progress and build the required object immediately.

It may be useful to have a feature where you could place the required object, select it and mark it as urgent/priority. This would put the object in a separate job list, or force it to the top of the current job queue for construction workers, which would allow the object to be built without having to delete the existing construction queue.

Already suggested. This is a duplicate.

This is a duplicate @EG0611

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it got your attention didn’t it? :thinking:

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