Problem solving: What does the COO do?

The point is, we’d like to clarify a translation in the German version. The text reads
‘A COO lets you expand and handle complex baggage handling…’

The problem is: the users either think, this is read as ‘expand the airport’ and ‘help handle stuff’
You can also read it as expand and handle complex baggage with both verbs relating to the baggage.

Which one was intended by the devs?
What does the COO game-wise do for certain?
This could help sort out this problem, that keeps German translation from reaching 100% by forcing a correct translation over faulty ones or come up with a new, more sophisticated one.

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The COO allows you to do the following:

  1. Unlock the ability to build and operate a baggage system
  2. Auto repair structures like runways and stands
  3. If you also have the CIO, the COO allows you to enable auto-scheduling in the flight planner
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That is exactly, what I thought. The COO does not help expand the airport…or only BY enabling a baggage handling system. Great - we can work with that! :slight_smile:

A new version proposal has been made to localizor - let us get those 100% already!

You can upload an improved suggestion for the english text as well on localizor.

Done - hope it is better and lacks errors (non-native)

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