Problem with service car connection of 2 levels [solved]

Hi together,
I`ve got a problem I don’t understand.
So I’ve some medium stands on ground level which are connected with the service infrastructure on Level -1. Somehow the different cars can’t reach those service grounds.
According to the pathway search it seems that the problem is the connection road between those 2 levels (see screenshots). If I check the same two stops the other way around the connection search is succesfull. Anyone any idea? (The marked connection roads are the matching one for those 2 levels.
Level 0

Level -1

Thanks for your help


In theory it should work. But may it has a bug when there are too many lanes directly next to it.

Try to make a gape here between the tunnel and the road next to it:

More than two lanes are anyway not good for pathfinding.

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it seems like you are absolutely correct.
After I deleted the road below the connection, the cars where able to use it.
Thanks a lot!