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Sorry for spamming. But the release version is a little different to the last alpha I’ve played.
New problem: I build a vehicle depot and a fuel depot. Next to a stand. I build also a small piece of terminal and declared this as a security zone AND a staff zone / staff room only for ramp agents. The entrance is from airside, because it’s security zone.

But now I got the problem, that the game defined a second security zone and the airside road and buildings are not declareable as a security zone. So my ramp agents can’t reach their room.
What have I to do to connect the security zones (better: make only one)?

Edit: surely is the problem easily to solve by building a door to the public security area. But in a further step I plan to build a staff room as a terminal-building midfield airside. And then I will get this problem

And another question, a little bit OT: is it possible to make one staff room out of the two?

Many thanks in advance and sorry for all my questions!

Roads cannot be marked “secure”, this is why the split exist. Maybe you could connect the secure zones without the wall and build the wall after, to see if you then have one zone. However; the staff will then not find a route to the staffroom. However, you could hack around it with a crosswalk if you want to; they can be zoned.


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No, there is a feature request for irregular shaped rooms though.



If you move that staff room back a bit and place a sidewalk between the road and the building you can then mark the sidewalk as secured. I think lol


Actually you can build your staff room like that. Staff should ignore the other room and walk through. (At least with lounges we tried that once and it worked)


Thanks all for hints and explanations!

I have now built another stand…

… and got again a second security zone.

I find it simply illogical with the separate zones. Ok, I could put a door in. Ok, I could build a walkway airside. But even without these bypass workarounds, it should all be a single zone. If it were also in reality.

Sorry, but I don’t get the point behind this game logic.

Sorry, but I don’t get the point behind this game logic.

Remove the wall, connect the zones, then rebuild the wall, then its one “room”.

Thanks, but sorry, this doesn’t work.

It works, if I remove the wall. As soon as I close the wall again, I have 2 zones again. Even better: now security check and -exit also belong to zone # 1, zone # 2 supposedly no longer has any access, if I believe the layer.

Ah, then that mechanic has changed over time.

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If the secure zones are disconnected you get separate areas… what the issue with this?

Path finding problems.

A while ago, this was different, then secure zoning could exist under walls.

Why are they disconnected, if they touch the same airside security zone (in reality!)? It’s only the game logic, that there’s a disconnection. Why is a - in reality - connecting airside street - in the game - a separator? Why do this part only separare ramp agents but not tankers or other vehicles?
This is unlogically in my mind.

And now the next problem: to create a coherent safety zone again, I built in a door (top of the staff room).

It works fine, I have a common zone again. But: now PAX are constantly stuck somewhere and can no longer find the gate after going through a security check.

I’m so sorry, but I don’t understand the logic behind this. Why is this introduced? In former versions the split didn’t either exists, and everything worked fine.

You just have to accept this fact as it is, streets cannot be zoned, because they are not walkable. You can work your way around it by placing a sidewalk between the two secure zones and zone that sidewalk as secure. If you additionally zone it as staff zone then it cannot be used by passengers. Maybe you just try a new airport with a new layout.

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It’s a combination of legacy tech systems, game design and years of incoming bug reports on the matter. The system, as it is now, is essentially a “best case scenario” of all the different aspects we’ve had to weigh together. I agree that it is sometimes experienced as very clunky and tricky and one of the quirks of Airport CEO but as I said, it’s the best case of what it can be considering the years of development.


Thanks for this very detailed answer. In this combination of reasons, the ‘feature’ can now be easily understood.

During the alpha phase, I had come to know and appreciate the process of the game as being very logical and very close to reality, so now, after a long break in the game, I was so amazed that there is now a core process that is not at all logical and close to reality and also clearly influences the necessary aiport design.

But that’s ok if I know it now. It doesn’t make the game any worse, just a little different in one single feature :wink:

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I renamed the thread. So we have a thread for questions about specific problems playing the game and don’t have to start a new thread for every tiny question.

I got a new problem (new for me :wink:). It’s not having a bad impact at the moment, but as the terminal gets bigger and there are a lot more PAX flying per plane, they are sure to come.

This is my terminal in the moment (no, it will not win a beauty contest :laughing:). Surely it’s not optimal, but it will be demolished some day:

Like you can see, there are 12 stands and 12 check-in-counter. It happens again and again that e.g. the two counters on the far left handle the flights for the stands on the far right, so the PAX have twice to walk the entire length of the terminal. And that although some of the counters on the right have no assignment to a flight at all. But it can also be the in another combination, so it is not due to special counters or stands.
Can I somehow prevent that?

The only way I know is to assign the desks to baggage bays served only by those stands. It’s overkill for small stands. Your terminal now should be efficient for small stands.

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Ah! Good idea. With a little detour, but that’s ok.
And you’re right. I was also more concerned about how to solve this at a large airport.

Thank you!


I have seen worse! Its pretty good

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How do we get administrators to rest? I hire more administrators than are on the job, but they all go to desks and will not sit a sofas. I want to make them work 24 hours a day with double the crew so that they can break each other when they get tired, but the tired ones do not rest.