Purchasing Vehicles


Whenever the CEO decides it is time to purchase a vehicle will said vehicle just appear, drive in, or be delivered by truck? I think it would be a cool idea to have it delivered by truck.


This question was asked in the DevLog also…

But the Devs forgot to answer I guess. Devs??


And an extra question, will there be some waiting(/production) time? Or will it be delivered/spawned instantly?


Almost certainly will arrive instantly, although it would be interesting if you had to like… Anticipate future growth and buy accordingly in advance


Vehicles that normally travel on regular roads, such as fuel trucks, arrive through the front door like every other vehicle, i.e. the prebuilt road path that connects the airport to the rest of the world. Vehicle’s that normally don’t travel on normal roads, such as service trucks (i.e. baggage trucks) will be delivered to vehicle depots by another truck.

Vehicles do not spawn instantly, for everything you buy there is a waiting time depending on the size or complexity of the purchased object. Fuel trucks take about 15 seconds to arrive to the airport, which is still amazingly fast! :wink:


Nice! Thanks for the clarification! :smiley:


This is very exciting to hear that they will not just spawn in. This just makes me want to play the game even more. It sounds like you guys are really making a good game down to every detail.


Will you need to fuel / maintain your vehicles? Or is that that step too far ? :slight_smile:


It should be there. It’s an important factor in Airport management. But instead of fuel… A maintenance cost should be charged. If my money goes into negative, maintenance stops… And vehicle condition starts deteriorating. At the end…They break down and get scrapped.


or a simple slider that defaults to 100% but allows you to skimp on maintenance (or give oodles of maintenance, repainting the whole car every time the ash tray is full)


Ya…That’s better… But the question is: Is it implemented?? Devs??


Kinda brings to my mind that it would be worth thinking of giving such vehicles “skill” levels just like normal workers, too. For example:

High-Quality Truck: made in Germany :de: :smiley: in S / M / L / XL

  • breaking down randomly: +0.01% chance/month
  • extreme weather problems: 10% chance
  • maintenance costs: 1/10
  • purchase costs 10/10
  • work speed*: 7-10/10

Medium-Quality Truck S / M / L

  • breaking down randomly: +0.1% chance/month
  • extreme weather problems: 5% chance
  • maintenance costs: 4/10
  • purchase costs 5/10
  • work speed: 4-7/10

Low-Quality Truck in XS / S / M / L

  • breaking down randomly: +1% chance/month
  • extreme weather problems: 1% chance
  • maintenance costs: 10/10
  • purchase costs 1/10
  • work speed: 1-4/10

Somewhat like this. :smiley: Just throwing a quick idea onto the table before it’s gone.

*EDITED: Depending on size. The machinery as base would be better in the more expensive ones of course.
EDIT2: With well-trained personal you could get somewhat good times on works incl. vehicle even with low-quality vehicle while you could save on spending good personal and just buy good equipment.


@alpha Wow. Cool idea. But what does Extreme Weather Problems mean??

Edit: As far as I know. Volkswagen cars are expensive to maintain.:joy:.


weather problems would have to depend on vehicle type too… a snow plough and other conga line vehicles would handle it better than i.e. ASU’s

Maintenance cost would also have to incorporate time actually used / spent not in a garage. Again snow ploughs would - in a temperate environment - be used perhaps 2 months of the year. When not in use the maintenance requirements are less.
Which brings to mind: Vehicle rentals: If you have seasonal equipment, it might benefit to only rent it


My local airport (the one I work at) uses very very old equipment and its really hurting the operations of the airport.
We use rusty old baggage tractors that are from like the 1970-80’s
Or for instance failing baggage loading belts, mobility lifts that failed and had to be towed away by a tractor.
Only 2 fully functioning GPU’s Snowclearing equipment from the 80’s
The list is quite long, but Ground Service Equipment is so damn expensive.

A brand new de-ice machine is off the shelf like 750.000 euro’s I hope AirportCEO will incorporate the huge investments it takes to get the latest equipment.


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