Pushbacktruck and other service vehicles


Hi devs,

In the real world most of the time all the service vehicles are already in place when the plane arrives, so that there will be no delays.
right now the plane arrives and it takes about one hour (game time) for all the vehicles and personel to arrive.
Is it possible that we can insert in the management screen how many minutes these vehicles have to be at the gate before the plane arrives.
Right now every single plane is delayed because my pushback truck comes to late. I have 4 gates open and have already 9 pushback trucks.



My impression, there’s some big design flaw in your airports layout if 9 pushpack trucks aren’t able to handle 4 stands …

… beside of that, in the most recent version your now able to assign vehicles to stands, so they stay there. It got deployed for the default branch meanwhile too.


they re next to the gate