QOL: Vehicle tab UI redesign and service vehicle pathing change

Feature request title: Vehicle tab UI redesign and service vehicle pathing change

A feature request to redesign the vehicle tab UI and change the vehicle pathing in regard to the priority of vehicle depot usage in order to improve managability of large service vehicle fleets.


I would like to see a redesign of the vehicle tab UI to resemble the design of the flight monitor, with columns including vehicle type, vehicle name, assigned depot & current objective. By making the tab into a list including the names of the vehicles the user can rename the individual vehicles to make management of the individual vehicle’s locations easier.
To complement this improvement the pathing choices of service vehicles should be changed so that no service vehicle assigned to a depot should EVER surrender their parking space to a non-assigned vehicle. Perhaps a category for “reserved parking space” can be added alongside “free parking spaces” to facilitate this.

Why it should be implemented:

As my airport grew larger it became clear to me that having service vehicles right next to the places that they are supposed to service became important. I tried naming the individual vehicles to aid in this, however this was pointless since the name is nowhere to be found in any part of the UI that involves multiple vehicles (only visible clicking on the vehicle itself). Even if I were to go through all my vehicles and meticulously assign each one to a depot, the pathing makes it so they get booted out within several days, making it pointless to do so.

Images, references or additional content:

None available at the time. For reference, see the current vehicle tab and flight monitor.