Queue Management: Extreme Edition [THE VOTE]


Queue Management: Extreme Edition

Passenger behaviour has gone out of hand; it’s time for passengers to get back in line


The ability to assign classes to queues
For e.g. priority pax vs. regular pax

The ability to assign multiple agents to a single queue
For e.g. 3 security stations being assigned to a single queue. This would achieve true load balancing.
In this situation, it would be necessary for a staff member to send pax from the front of the queue to the appropriate station (because masses of people cannot organize themselves)

The ability to assign multiple agents to multiple queues
For e.g. 3 security stations being assigned to a main queue and a priority queue. 2 of them prioritizing the main queue while the remaining 1 prioritizes the priority queue. Leading to the following observations:
When both queues are occupied, #1 and #2 accepts pax from main queue, while #3 accepts pax from the priority queue.
When only priority queue is occupied, all stations will accept pax from the priority queue.
When only main queue is occupied, all stations will accept pax from the main queue.
In these situations, it would be necessary for one or two staff members to send pax from the front of the queues to the appropriate station. One or two staff members at the entrance of the queues would also be necessary to ensure pax are entering the queue for which they are eligible for (once again, because masses of people cannot organize themselves, people don’t read signs, people don’t obey rules and instructions, etc etc.)

The ability to assign a single agent to multiple queues
For e.g. 1 boarding desk is assigned to a priority boarding queue and also a standard boarding queue

These kinds of divergent and convergent queues are almost always found at check-in, security, gate boarding, and customs/immigration. They could also be found at large stores and restaurants that have multiple POS terminals to meet the demand. But even small stores and restaurants with only 1-2 POS terminals could have a single but small static queue to mitigate congestion and prevent disorderly queuing behaviour; dynamic queuing can be achieved, but sometimes it doesn’t just because people are people…

Why it should be implemented:

We know that there are dynamic queues and static queues. Queues can only be assigned to one instance of an object/agent. However, this method of queue management limits the ability to balance loads across several inputs (queues) and outputs (agents). Queue management is quite important in order to achieve load balancing and reducing wait times to a disparate population of travelers (i.e. priority members, special needs, trusted traveler, regular, etc.) Priority travelers could have a lower tolerance for long wait times than regular travelers.

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Queue Management: Extreme Edition

As well as this, I would like to see one-way doors (not secure, pax may occasionally go back through them) purely for the purpose of managing passenger flow. Also would like to see one-way roads. But I like the idea of assigning multiple queues to certain facilities. I think that you should be able to assign queues based on the following:

  • Class. First/business/economy
  • luggage. Eg, pax with hand luggage and pax without
  • Groups. Eg, large groups can check in together
  • Age, Elderly/parents with young children
  • Disability, occasionally people in wheelchairs may turn up and they may require additional assistance which would make their check in/boarding process a bit longer (and may require airport staff). Not helping these pax check in will decrease airline satisfaction


This topic hasn’t been touched in a while but the more I play the more I want to see something like this implemented. Specifically have a single queue for multiple security checkpoints or multiple check-in desks. It is a common site in the worlds airports. It would also allow us to get more creative with check-in/security check areas and make much more efficient use of the space.


I agree - I was troubled by @Olof 's comment in the Alpha 29 thread which suggested that you should have 2 security check-points per medium stand in order to handle the passenger throughput - that just doesn’t happen in the real world!

As the improved performance of the game has allowed for bigger and more stable airports now, security has become a real bottleneck.


i agree that would be ideal

simllar idea been used in SA - which has queue controls for this such type


Well, I did say I was open for input, input derived from either actual data or professional insight. Again this is a time scale issue, and turnaround time for aircraft has been adjusted for this but sure, it might not scale well with larger airports.


I personally would love to see the game run at a slower default speed all together with a good array of options to speed it up. It would allow a much more realistic simulation in terms of pax travel time and processing pax through check-in and security.

Of course I could also imagine a few issues with the idea. The biggest in my head being a performance hit to run the game a what is base speed now. There is also the fact that any significant change in base simulation speed would probably require changes to many animations among other things.

All in all its something I would like to see, but don’t really hold out hope for.


Taking Terminal 5 at Heathrow as an example, there are 20 security lanes for 50 aircraft stands:

Interesting stat about throughput:
“Terminal 5 aims to process 35 passengers per security lane every 15 minutes – the process is quicker in summer when travellers are not carrying coats.”

Bearing in mind that Terminal 5 is a mixture of medium and large stands, I guess 1 security check-point per 3 medium stands would be about the right ball park.

Terminal A at Berlin Tegel is the only place I’ve been where there is a 1:1 ratio of gates to security check-points, but that’s the way it was designed to try - every gate has it’s own security check-point which leads directly to a dedicated departure lounge for that gate. The difference is that the security check-points are only manned when there is a flight scheduled.

Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released

singpore has simllar one in older temerials that is only 1:1 secuirty for gates but newer one has single secuirty for all gates


Based on a quick google search, the throughput for security lane is based on the technology and security process that they have in place. The security lanes depicted in ACEO are less sophisticated and have a significantly lower throughput (I’d say nearly half)


Its a good idea that I hope will be implemented what devs could do is find out away to merge Queues that way we could merge the security queues or even check in desk queues this should ensure that no lines are empty. It would also help path finding possibly.


New to this topic, so apologies for the late repy. A turn-arounfd time in-game of four hours is rediculous and i would like to have the ability to adjust the time an aircraft is on the ground (if already implemented, i can’t find it)

As for this vote, It has to be a fun game and i don’t want it to become to complicated. Although it is a good idea, i don’t feel it has a high priority at this time.


That could lead to another suggestion of 2-3 different technology level for security desk (scanner machine and so), like you unlock it with procurement director, ahaha XD