Quick win improvements

I know there are some other threads on similar topics but they seem to be dead.
Just a couple of ideas that I think are pretty simple (of course my perception, not trying to undervalue your work :slight_smile: ):

  • Insert a flag column showing shuttle status in Process Monitor, with values: waiting for pax/enroute to stand (only remote stands, very useful when monitoring one and you can’t make a decision without investigating if the shuttle has already left the gate) – EDIT: a simpler and maybe smarter version of this point could be just a flag that gets checked when shuttle leaves boarding gate

  • Allow quick aircraft dismissal in Process Monitor (no need to close monitor, go to stand and manually dismiss aircraft, and repeat for each one needed)

  • Allow shuttle dismissal from gate (when aircraft in remote stand is dismissed you lose all the passengers that were already in the shuttle, this should be very useful --> i.e. do not wait for further passenger and go to stand, also useful in Process Monitor combined with the previous bullet)

  • Make dropdown selection hourly/daily/yearly in budget overiew also pilot income/expense source detail (it always remains hourly based). Possibly on this one give more detail on cost/revenues breakdown

  • Provide switch pax/staff/both to security exits (same as checkpoints)

What do you think?



Yes, yes and yes

For the security exit, you could just zone it as staff. :slight_smile:


@Rubble I actually want to prevent the opposite: staff using security exits dedicated to passengers, I already have staff secuirity exits zoned :slight_smile:


I would love to see a ‘close all stand’ option. This is handy for when I decide to do a lot of work in the airport. A large airport with a large number of stands can get a little monotonous.

Yes, just not sure if this would be “quick” if some stands require additional operations to be closed

I agree. It would be very helpful to control the flow of both passengers and staff alike.

There is a GO TO STAND button in flight monitor, then you save 2 clicks; and you have a shortcut for flight monitor.

Its worse, its a sum of the last period, in stead of a weighted average, so, its non indicative at all, so utterly useless as critical indicator for your airport.